Latest portable multi-track units?


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What's the latest thing in a multi-track recorder that I can take with me? Something I could take with me to someone's house to work on writing.

I'm WAY behind on the latest gadgets, so you may have to put up with silly questions. Ha.


Depends on your budget and what you want to accomplish. There are very small portable 2-4 trk recorders from Tascam, Zoom, Roland. From $100 to $400. Then there are quite small multi trk portable recorders with built in mixers, also form Tascam and Zoom. All are digital and record to a SD card. Many work as an interface as well. Go to for multi trk recorders, and for even smaller portable recorders. All of them work pretty well. Also, I'm no expert but I understand some use their iPads and record in Garageband DAW.


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I've had zoom r24 four years, dead simple if you want it to be and the SD cards are dirt cheap now....I'd like to get another and link them for 16 tracks but can't find decent deal


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I have several of these units, Tascam DP-06, Zoom R8 and R16, Boss Micro BR. I'd recommend the latest and greatest, Zoom H4N Pro. Has the same preamps as the H5 and 6 and while all of these units can record to multiple tracks the H4N Pro retains the dedicated 4 track recorder mode of the original H4, plus has a decent suite of effects.

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