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Latin Playboys! Latin Playboys!

JB Eckl

I've been immersing myself in the two Latin Playboys records, which along with Los Lobos' 'Kiko' and 'Colossal Head' are essential modern psychedelic masterpieces. Between David Hidalgo's ridiculous guitar playing and the production vision of Tchad Blake and Mitchell Froom, you can't beat this stuff. It's like stepping into another world.

I know 'La Bamba' put these guys on the map, but it really is a shame people aren't more aware of the new ground that was being broken by the Los Lobos camp in the '90s. And of those who were hip to it, even less knew about Latin Playboys. Warning: not for conservative ears! You have to let them take you on their trip 100%.
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Yeah, one of my fav's for sure in whatever incarnartion they are calling it. Those are my two favourite Los Lobos CD's as well. They are playing here in the near future and guess what they play on the radio as promo for the show under the announcer... yep, La Bamba....
Oh well, whatever gets people in the seats I guess.

Have you checked out Houndog as well, that blues project David did with another guy? DH plays some mean distored blues violin on it!!


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Latin Playboys was a wonderful band. I saw them in NY back a bunch of years ago and they were really great on every level. Lisa Germano was also with them, opening and performing with them on several numbers.


Loved those Latin Playboys discs...wasn't there supposed to be a live one they were preparing for release a few years ago?

If you dig "Kiko" and "Colossal Head", don't miss "This Time" - the third Los Lobos/Froom/Blake disc, and in many ways my favorite of the three...
I go for anything from Los Lobos and Hidalgo (although his genius only goes so far...he should leave the violin to those who can play it in tune). Latin Playboys, Hound Dog and Los Super Seven (with Flaco!); yeah!!!
I just listened to "Rita" from The Ride. So trippy! It sounds like Crazy Horse meets the Beatles at their druggiest!


Damn... I opened this thread thinking it would say there's a new Latin Playboys record out. :(

Love the Latin Playboys! Wish they'd put out a new record! :drool


I love that Houndog record...sounds like they ran the whole mix through a pitch shifter!

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