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I recently received some lava cable to replace my georgel's that I've been using for the past several years. I got the black sleeving option (think spectraflex) and it looks ultra cool and doesn't look sloppy or wrinkled or anything. the connectors are big ass gold neutrik straight plugs (big ass compared to the lil' .155" georgel's straight plugs I'm used to) that seem very high quality. I will be ordering probably another 8', 10', or 12' haven't decided yet. and in fact I might order another patch cable that's slightly longer than the one I ordered, simply because I think the angle I have it bent at may not be good for the cable, but I digress...

as for the sound, well here is where it's tricky. I tried really hard to do a good A/B test and here's what I found. using a carvin vintage 16 w/ all controls set at noon (reverb off) and the neck pickup of my retroclassic, I played the same basic chords and a few simple clean bluesy licks using the georgel's... then the lava.... then the georgel's.... then the lava... etc... now I may not have a highly trained ear like some folks here, or maybe all that drumming in high school made me a bit deaf, but I didn't hear a *vast* improvement or difference in tone. don't get me wrong, I wasn't expecting a night and day difference, because I felt (and still feel) that georgel's are high quality cables. what I *did* hear was a more mellow tone (in a subtle way). there seemed to be a more balanced output across all frequencies, (vs. the georgel's, which could get a tad bright at times for my tastes).

all in all I'm very happy, I was glad that this cable did what I hoped it would and "smoothed" out the sound coming out of the amp without having to crank down the treble as I've done previously. I'd recommend lava cables to anyone. very reasonably priced, built sturdy (I don't gig or anything, but it seems reliable enough for that), cool looking with the black sleeving if that's your thing, and of course the most important thing, balanced tone that comes across without seeming to lose any frequencies.

damn this is way too long a discussion for something like guitar cable....

EDIT: one last thing, the fact that it doesn't tangle as easily as georgel's is great too.


it occurred to me some of you may need additional info:

lava cable tested: 6ft
georgel's cable: a little longer, perhaps 7ft
the carvin was in 16watt mode
strings were snake oil brand, 11-50.
pick was a dunlop jazz III
room temperature was 74 degrees fahrenheit.
peace out.


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Decided, after years of procrastination, to put a pedal board together.

Have had George L's for 5+ yrs. Good sound, bad to work with because of tendency to knot up automatically and the right angle plugs are a disaster; the caps unwind and the connections short regularly...particularly if you don't have a pedal board.

Have a high end cable from Vansevers; Red River, very balanced, less bright than George L. But usually set up with both.

Read the palyer comments on this and other fora and decided to order about ten cables from Lava; 8" jumpers to 20'. Arrived in two days, 10% discount for volume. extremely well built, connectors are the best I have seen, ever.

Sound, so far, with only a couple of hours with all Lava wiring, very balanced, fantastic clarity, increased note to note definition, but not as a result of excessive brightness a la George L. My 1959 ES 345 sound more like an ES and my 1959 TV has a more explosively agressive bottom end. The cables seem to let the notes ring for longer, like playing a cord on a piano with the pedal down. Increased complexity and dynamics.

All this at VERY reasonable prices. I'm planning to order more.


just bought about 17 cables from lava, from 7" jumpers to 20'. Mark goes out of his way to treat the customer right, sometimes taking a hit himself.

Good service all around, and lookin forward to getting them in the mail!


OH MAN... I wish I would have read this YESTERDAY!! I ordered the George L effect kit... oh well, Im sure they're great too.



+1 on Lava

I ordered Lava's on a recommendation from an outstanding guitar luthier/tech/cabinet maker from NJ who'd never steered me wrong before. Love 'em.

Also, having never owned George L's it's nice to read the comparisons.

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