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    Mar 21, 2007
    Just wired up my umpteenth board using my Lava Mini ELC cable and plugs. I periodically buy more cable for longer runs (which I just did) but have been using the same plugs forever.

    This board required me to wire up 24 new cables with my existing plugs. I had exactly two test bad and re-did those.

    The ONLY issue I am noticing is that on some of my straight plugs, I THINK (read: this is what I am guessing is happening, I don't know for sure) it looks as though the center pin/needle inside the plug that connects to the center copper core of the Mini ELC cable has worn down over many uses. Which is to say if I put the plug on - then pull it off, there is a much larger than usual hole in the center of the cable, and those are the two cables that did not test good. I used different straight plugs when I re-did the cables and they tested fine.

    When I test each cable, I really give it a workout. I'm more worries about my cable tester giving up the ghost someday than my Lava cables. I yank them every which way and look for shorts on the readout. I wired up the whole board and only tested using the Ebtech cable tester, no audio testing as I went. Fired it up and the only issue I had then was something weird with my EHX C9 that I'm not quite sure about, where it wouldn't pass signal when engaged. It finally started working, but has me a little spooked. Maybe an iffy switch.

    I have no affiliation with Lava, just a happy customer. For the up-front investment I have made in Lava supplies I have saved myself lots of headaches vs when I used another brand.

    Also a big fan of the mini coils for my smaller, hot-swap boards that I throw together for one-offs or kicks.

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