Layla album (most recent reissue)

Has anyone compared the somewhat recent 2 disc Layla release with the 20th anniversary edition from the 90s? Talking CD. Dig the songs, just find the CD hard to listen to.


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The older German "Polydor" discs are highly regarded by audiophiles. There's a lot of discussion on the subject at the Hoffman forums if you have time to do some searches there:

Tiny Montgomery

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Remixing can only go so far for something that sounds like it was originally recorded through a duck's butthole.
It can go as far as being a different mix.

The most recent one is a remaster of the original mix. There are things I like about both, but there's definitely a big difference.

I have 4 different versions (original vinyl, 20th anny., single disc remaster, and the newest one). They each have their merits.

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