Lead Free for the EU

How do you deal with ROHS?

  • I comply fully with ROHS for all my products

  • I use lead and don't ship to the EU

  • I use lead and ship to the EU anyway

  • I am transitioning to ROHS compliance

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I would like to hear from other builders how they are dealing with ROHS and lead for shipment of pedals/amps to Europe.

Currently I am using lead based solder and some of the NOS components I use most likely contain lead.

Should I just not ship to Europe? Has anyone made the switch to lead free solder and boards? I have not liked any of the lead free products so I am reluctant to make the switch before I have to.

If anyone has any reccommendations on lead free solder that works well please let me know.



Almost everything I use is RoHS simply because most new parts are now all available with the certification. I use leaded solder, my boards aren't lead free and maybe a few components as well.

I've shipped to Europe with no issues. I did some research beforehand regarding what kind of documentation was needed to clear customs, I don't remember anything about RoHS regulations.

Maybe it applies only to large scale imports.


We are using RoHS compliant components on our new amps. Also we are using silver solder as opposed to lead based. There is a little learning curve due to the higher heat needed to flow the solder. We have a lot of old components we can use for US stuff for a while but my guess is it will have to be used for something else entirely or trashed. The countries are trying to get a uniform deal that will work for all countries however, they are still way off on a final deal. They each want things that others do not so it makes it difficult to keep up with. But as far as our Amps go we are using all RoHS parts. It is kind of catch 22 for us. To sell in the US RoHS is no big deal but with the US economy in such a tizzy not many folks are buying. The people buying are from overseas therefore, we need the RoHS. Good luck, Ira, Burriss Amps


Great River hasn't even bothered to transition our pro audio line to RoHs...we ship to europe on a weekly basis. Moving 10-25 units per week, we're probably small enough to fly under the radar for awhile yet.

As far as amplifiers go, I'm unsure whether it's worthwhile to pursue the international market. Intl' Dealer cost must be lower than domestic dealer pricing to compensate for higher shipping costs, keeping the retail price of the product at least remotely competitive in those markets. Customer support is hindered greatly by time/language differences and any necessary return shipping costs. Finding a competent tech overseas to trust your warranty work with is also a hard thing to do. Larger companies will find these costs lower than smaller ones, making it easier to justify expanding their market.

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