Learning to Play guitar and Sing at the same time...

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I had a recent challenge come up from a band member and I want to really show him I can do it.

My singer doesn't want to sing Foxey Lady because it isn't "his style" and he isn't into Hendrix.

The other guys in the band dont sing but are into doing the song.

I play guitar but typically have a really hard time singing and playing guitar together.

The singer said to me..."you sing it"...at first I said...okay...you play my guitar then (smart ass).

Anyway, I'm up for the challenge and we have a gig on Jan 2. Ive never sang at a gig before so it's a bit of a challenge for me too..

Any tips on how some of you learn to play guitar and sing at the same time? I'm working on Foxey Lady...



Really the only way is to repeatedly practice that specific song. Learn the song really well on guitar, and then work on singing and playing. Your hands need to know what they're doing so your brain can concentrate on singing.

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If you can play the guitar part with confidence try sitting down in a quiet room and imagine doing both parts at the same time. Or air guitar it with the track playing mouthing the words at the same time. I know that sounds a bit silly but my experience (pun not intended) of playing and singing at the same time is that it's a zen thing, particularly if you're playing Hendrix stuff. Basically the guitar and the vocals are one voice, not two.


Keep doing it over, and over, and over, and over.....

Not trying to be dumb but that's it. I have always been the lead singer and lead/rhythmn guitarist in my band, and that's how I learned. Try to think of something else and let your subconscious do the work. Watch tv or something. Let us know how you do.


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There are a lot of songs of Hendix's (not so much in "Foxey Lady") where there are moving guitar lines while vocals are going on ("Manic Depression" is more of what I'm talking about). For songs like that, I get the guitar part down and then memorize/practice what syllable of what word is being sung at the particular time I hit a certain note of the guitar line. On certain songs it's like learning how to juggle. It's not as bad as it sounds though.


honestly? less TGP, more practice. do it!

i'm a singer-guitarist, and i juggle singing with bashing out chords, riffing and taking lead breaks. it isn't easy, and i've been doing this for just about 14 years already. it is a juggling act, as cbguy pointed out. lots and lots of practice is a must - no escaping that fact.

i guess my only pointer would be to start out slow and take it from there?


Learning to Play guitar and Sing at the same time...

I pretty much do that every time I learn a new tune to sing. For me, one or the other has to be total zen without thought - remembering the lyrics is the thing that gets me. As others have said - practice! I probably run tunes 20 times at least before I perform them live.


Just adding my $.02. All the above replies are correct. Get the tune under your fingers so completely you can play it without any hesitation. Then work out the vocal one verse at a time or even one line at a time. Eventually you'll get on to it..Practice, practice, practice!

This is not the kind of practicing you can do in front of the tv. But, sometimes, when I'm picking up a new tune as I play along with the recording, I'll sing along with it as well.

Also, if you can, record yourself and listen to your voice for any flat spots etc.

And have fun with it!

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