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LED light in an amp... light Bad Cat amps


I was going to build a Champ for fun... or something small like that. I would like to add LED lights to it. Make the thing look all crazy and stuff. Anyone have any idea how I might do that.

Thanks much


Silver Supporting Member
LED's typically need around 2.2vdc...so, depending on the power transformer ratings, you might be able to borrow some voltage, and rectify & filter to run them. If there's not enough current available from the main transformer, you could always add a separate small transformer, rectifier, filter, & dropping resistor to power them.
I'm running a 10mm led for a pilot light; it's an ultra bright blue. It has nice depth compared to an incandescent. I ran it off' one heater leg, with a 220R in line to limit current. It's plenty bright.


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