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Sold LEFTY Warmoth Strat body MJT Finished/Aged in FIESTA RED + DiMarzio loaded pickguard & full hardware

TD Moyer

Silver Supporting Member
Sorted out all the parts for a Frankenstrat build but I just picked up a new Suhr and this isn't getting finished so….

  • 1 Warmoth alder Strat body SSS, finished by Mark Jenny @ MJT in aged Fiesta Red…beautiful finish job as always by MJTele…not a heavy relic at all
  • 1 loaded pickguard with 3 DiMarzio Virtual Vintage pickups (DP404 bridge, DP405 mid/neck)
  • 1 bridge assembly from a '62 MIJ Strat
  • 1 input jack from a Jeff Beck Strat
  • 1 neck plate
  • 1 back plate
  • 1 trem arm as pictured.

Selling as a complete lot for $559 OBO including PayPal fees & shipping

Body with all hardware but without loaded pickguard $399

Body only $325

Not interested in selling the pickup assembly only at this time….

and…sadly…not interested in trades at this time.

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