Legato tone question


Hey everyone. I've been reasonably happy with my tone, mostly using a Strat Plus Ultra or 345 through a '68 drip edge Princeton Reverb with Line 6 Echo Farm and Verbzilla, and an original Tube Screamer for overdrive. With the Princeton set pretty high and driving a 1 x 12 loaded with a Vintage 30, I'm able to get a smooth tone that's not overly fuzzy or grainy, depending on how the Screamer is set.

Now that I've moved out of my house and into an apartment I have to ditch using the Princeton to practice, and I've been thinking about moving up to a larger amp for gigging anyway. Is there a pedal or preamp I can get to substitute for what the Princeton gives me so I can practice quietly, and also just amplify cleanly for gigs?

I'm not too schooled on pedals, as I've always worked in the studio rather than live until recently. I've had the Princeton and Strat since '91 and the Screamer since before that. I got the Line 6 stuff a few years ago, and those are the only pedals I've ever used except for an old TC Stereo Chorus. Before that, it was guitar into amp and then studio effects. I really could use some advice from you experts.


I quite like the ZVex Box of Rock (or Distortron if it fits in your budget better) for smooth cranked amp sounds. OCD was also rather pleasant, though the bass can be overwhelming at times, depending on what version you have.

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