Lehl Sunday Driver SW & XLR?


Just tried the Lehle Sunday Driver SW, and it sounded fantastic through an old blackface Fender Bassman head and cab. I'm thinking of getting one for use as a buffer/boost on my pedalboard. I already have a Dr. Scientist "The Cleanness" after all my overdrive pedals, but I'm thinking the Sunday Driver
would also help keep my tone intact, with 11 mostly true bypass pedals.

So, would one place the Sunday Driver at the END of my effects chain, or in front of all them?

Also, I run direct often with a Roland MicroCube, and use my pedals for all sounds. The places I play provide a direct box for that. However, I see that
Lehl now has a Sunday Driver XLR, with an XLR output added, and they say it can used as a Direct Box. Has anyone used the XLR version for running direct? If so, does it sound great with the S.D XLR?
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I LOVE my Sunday Driver SW. I use it as the lone buffer in my signal chain. I have a 15 foot cable from guitar to board (Sommer Grindycop), and the board consists of a variety of pedals individually wired into a Road Rage looper with Lava ELC solderless kit stuff. I have the Sunday Driver in one of the loops, after the drive pedal(s) and a Badgerplex and before all others. All of my pedals other than the Sunday Driver are true bypass, not that it matters much when placed in a looper with one-pedal-per-loop, like mine. The cable from board to amp is a 20 foot Grindycop. All I know is that the tone and responsiveness I get with the Sunday Driver engaged is much more lively than without. I leave its loop on permanently. I don't really use the boost function too much, but it's just fine for a boost.

Whether the Sunday Driver would help your tone or not depends on the other pedals in your chain and the relative placement of the pedals. It sure works for me though!

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