Sold Lentz Neck partscaster $985 Shipped

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Killer, I bought the guitar on here with a different neck on it. I found the neck from a Good friend of mine who is a big Lentz guy He has a bunch of them over the years he decided to go with a rosewood neck instead. Its a nice big one with standard Lentz amazing fretwork. Neck measures .91 at the first and .99 at the 12th (+/-
.01 for cheap amazon calipers) With a 1.670" nut width.. The pickups are Rocketfire (B/M) and an antiquity humbucker in the neck. Great neck fat neck position sound and 4th position is just amazing fat but still very Stratish. it has a Push pull tone pot that turns the neck pickup on in any position. The 5 way switch is wired upside down so all the way down in neck only and all the way up is Bridge only. Pickguard is little filed down as it was originally for a 22 fret guitar. Body is from MJT Allder with a relic finish by MJT. The bridge is Fender. No case No bag But Packed perfectly

985.00 shipped and paypal'd

No trades

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