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Les Paul '56 vs Jazzmaster vs SG with P-90s

Whicha one ?

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Silver Supporting Member
Over the last couple of weeks I've gone over a couple of guitar issues with my band ...

I've played all sorts of stuff and realized that some guitars were more my thing than others ...

for ex :

Gibson ES-339

Pros : Awesome buckers, love the feel
Cons : Just not made to get along with that neck and overall Gibson super loud output thing ...

Charvel So- Cal

Pros : Fantastic neck and feel
Cons : buckers feel a bit too spikey metal for me.

What am I looking for ?

I am looking for a guitar that stays warm like a Gretsch, has that awesome buttery neck I get on my Relic '69 Strat, SUSTAINS without having to slam on 10 pedals ... and of course give me some cool harmonics when I need them.

So I've narrowed it down to these three :

Fender Jazzmaster - Gibson '56 P-90 Goldtop Les Paul - Gibson SG with P-90s

Any advice appreciated
I went with the LP, but the SG would be fine with me, too, when stacked up against a J-master. I've never played one, but can't get past the image of the clean-cut kids playin' em' in the sixties fender catalogs.


Silver Supporting Member
I voted for the R6 Les Paul. I have an R4 and it does what your looking for.

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