Les Paul and Strat presents. Help!! :)


So I have recently come in to some good fortune and was thinking about buying a couple of friends of mine, some guitars

Friend #1

Is a punk rocker, and his dream guitar is a Gibson Les Paul. A shiny brand new LP would look weird on him. What I had thought about doing was taking it to a luthier. having just the body paint COMPLETELY removed right down to the mahogany.. have it painted by some PROPER graffiti artist. then send it back to the Luthier and have it sealed, with some clear knobs and pick guard to show off the work and put all the bits back on tuned and ready to bang. (Not touching the neck...AND Yes i know it will devalue the heck out of the guitar, and affect the tone.)
2 questions.
1. Can anybody recommend a few quality luthiers in the southeast, USA?
2. What would be a good spray paint to work on the wood that doesn't orange peel..

Friend #2

a good buddy of mine will be clean for 2 years in Feb. Long story but he hocked all his gear for H. Sad. Well now he is on a comeback and I couldnt be more proud of him. So for his 2 year anniv, he is getting a guitar.
He played a Fender Strat in an HSS config. I wanted him to have an American standard, but all the ones I see are SSS.

Any help would be MORE than appreciated.

thanks so much for listening. looking forward to your replies
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Scott L

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Check out an LPJ - a nice LP to " Punk Out "


Strat - very cool Hss 90th anniversery @ SamAsh.com



There's a bunch more: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search?sB=r&Ntt=fender+hss+stratocaster&source=3WWRWXGB&kwid=db8dd829b0ce4cab9d607dc6d9abdd9c&gclid=CjwKEAjw456hBRDQ4eqg8MzA2W0SJABI2gJ877B0F8iavYQ5cluLPpKqqXp2XCG6w3M8X2MSswiegxoC3djw_wcB

Johnny Alien

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#1. I would not put all that money into making a guitar into something you think he would like. Instead get a well played used one and let him do whatever he wants to it.

#2. Do you mean HSS? They do make them in that configuration but I am not sure what the names of the model are.


Not sure what SSD means, but if you want a humbucker in the bridge, yes the SSS American Standards are routed for a humbucker size in both neck and bridge, you just have to change the pick guard to one that fits a humbucker (easy). I havent really liked the full sized humbuckers I've tried in the bridge, but love my Seymour Duncan lil' 59 single-coil sized humbucker, and that means no pickguard change. As for number 1, I'd try and find a nice used LP that has some natural or well done relicing. Either that or an LP without a glossy finish (standard faded models, studio mahagony models).


First off, very cool of you to do that for your friends.

The American Standard comes in HSS configuration, so there's no need to go to the trouble of buying an SSS and switching pick guards, pickups, etc.

Buy a beat up used LP and buy an anarchy decal and let him do the rest.

VHS analog

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I know punk rock musicians who like nice stuff. If he wants a destroyed Les Paul, let him do the destroying, that's half the fun.


1. Can anybody recommend a few quality luthiers in the southeast?

Southeast UK? If so, Cameron Mobbs in Lewes East Sussex is a bug recommendation from me. He does exceptional work on all my electrics, vintage or otherwise and crafts amazing acoustics. I have him pencilled in to make me a '67 Flying V from scratch so he will do anything. PM me if you want his number.

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