Les Paul + Fuzz. What's your favorite?


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I used to be all about fuzz, but back then I was playing Strats and Teles into AC30 style amps.

I want to get back into fuzz pedals, but lately I've been primarily using Les Pauls, and I'm not as familiar with how various fuzz pedals work with Les Pauls. With a Strat or Tele it's easy, throw any fuzz pedal after it and they all sound great. I'm thinking it's going to be more tricky to find good matches with a Les Paul.

What are the ones that work best for you?


When I did my "LP + Fuzz" search - I ended up with a Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe. I think it's a Tone Bender clone.

It's still my favorite fuzz, and I have 10 Fuzz Faces. Works with single coils as well.


Spooky Tooth bubbles and collapses in the best way when hit with an LP. Wolf Computer is kick ass with HBs as well. At full blast, it starts crumbling and then you roll back the tone control and it's such a sick synth fuzz.


I would go with a Foxx Tone Machine first because it's my favorite fuzz. It also works for most every guitar pickup. They're are more than a few clones of it currently available on the market. I only know the original which I came to from discovering a Prescription Experience fuzz in the early 90's. Of the more recent offerings, I only know the HBE U.F.O. which is a great update to this venerable fuzz.

The Maxon/Ibanez Standard Fuzz would be my second choice. These are super similar to a Shin Ei/Univox Super Fuzz, but they have a bit more top end clarity with less chaos. In a world more obsessed by the Super Fuzz, the Standard Fuzz is very underrated. It actually works better with humbuckers than single coil pickups. I bet there is a clone, but I would look for a Maxon made fuzz wah that will have this 5 transistor + JFet circuit.

A Roland Bee Baa would be my third choice. This circuit just loves humbucking pickups. The Bee Baa just has this razor sharp distortion with excellent low end resolution. It's almost more of a fuzzstortion than an actual fuzz pedal. I have never tried the Black Cat reissue, but the demos have sounded good. I have a couple of the original, so I never felt the need to pick up a reissue.

Anything that is based on a Tonebender MkII or Mk III. I usually go with a Buzzaround variant, but this circuit always sounds great with humbucking pickups. The Mk III is verging more towards a distortion pedal, so it handles chords better than a typical 2 transistor fuzz does. The Overdriver type pedal also works great with humbuckers.


I use a Tonebender-ish fuzz too, a Fuzzdog Pitbull. Plus a Skreddy Lunar Module. Both fab.

I like silicon Fuzz Faces too, and the Mojo Hand Huckleberry was really cool.

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