Les Paul question

If you has a cracking LPS (96) that had a pair of 57's in her and sounded great but....
Had a very well done Zakk Wylde bullseye paint job on it do you...

Strip it natural.


Relic the **** out of it so that only bits of the bullseye are left and really dirty the exposed wood up?

I'm more prone to the latter as it's getting tatty already...

Refin isn't an option really....

Will I go for the relic and if it's crap naturalise it :eeks

Advice please!
Ps it'll be going into a vintage marshall so it will look cool


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Need pics.

If you don't have a budget, and you are determined to make it look different, I would lean towards option #2. But I wouldn't bother with making the exposed wood look dirty. It will happen on its own in due course.

snow and steel

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why not do nothing but play it for 4 hours a day - it will relic naturally and look a lot more authentic.
I know but I work away from home and have two kids so my time is not my own lol..... Was playing it today for a while and it's a great Lester.. Just gonna let nature take its course :)

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