Les Paul Special DC for around $1,500 - What are my best options?


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So the Les Paul DC bug bit me bad. In fact, it has attacked me. I want a Les Paul Special DC in either cherry or TV yellow. Neck wise, I don't want a super slim neck. It doesn't need to be a big honkin' neck, but a decent size is mandatory. In terms of fit and finish, my R7 and R8 have me pretty spoiled. I'm willing to be very patient to get a guitar that doesn't carry a lot of compromises in terms of tone, feel, fit, finish. I would prefer a Gibson, but I'm willing to entertain other ideas, assuming that it's Gibson Custom Shop-type quality.

What is there in the $1,500 (perhaps up to $1,700) range? This will be my first experience with the wraparound bridge/P90 format, so I want to do it right. Best options? Thanks.


If you're patient you can find a Historic for around that price.

I'd also suggest the 90's gloss finished, abr-1 equipped specials.

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