Les Paul Tribute 60's pickups


Gibson Les Paul Tribute 60s are great guitars.
I played four before buying, and three of them sounded good.

I have the honeyburst and it looks nice with its natural body binding. I actually prefer it over new pinkish binding of the Standards. :)

However there are few problems regarding those P90s.
First, I am no sure that I like P90 neck pickup - possibly it's too bassy and muddy. I lowered it and it solved the bass problem. Now I decided to give it more playing time in the band.
Anyway I consider putting a mini-humbucker in the neck, and the good news is that this guitar is mini-humbucker friendly. The pickup mounting plate has also holes in the sides were minis can be mounted.

Second, I didn't like that the bridge P90 was pushing in when I put my hand on it. What I found out in one of Les Paul forums was to use the following rubber-like material under the pickup.
http://www.softnsafefloors.com/soft toys.htm

It solved the problem.

I hope this will help others to do these easy mods and enjoy even more these great guitars.
Cheers! :beer


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mini humbuckers sound great on these guitars. i put a set of Duncans in one and it turned into an excellent sounding axe.


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To be honest, P-90's are my favorite neck pickup for anthing besides very heavy metal. My Les Paul has P-Rails in it, and the clarity on the pickup is exceptioinal using the P-90. It manages to sound warm while still retaining some good top end chime - and it makes a very good clean sound. To be fair, I tend to play my cleans through Vox type amps - perhaps it would sound darker or less distinct in a different amp.


I love Minis! A Les Paul with mini humbuckers is the most versatile and best all around electric guitar on the planet. Clarity and cut like a single coil with the meat of a bucker when you need it. Perfect.


I'm still undecided on the neck pickup.

I replaced the bridge with a Dimarzio DP154 and have been happy so far.

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