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Les Paul vs Starplayer TV


I've been a tele guy for a while but recently gigged with a buddy's Les Paul and was floored at how great it sounded through my amp (class A ef86 based). A few guys i know have been playing the Duesenberg DTV Starplayer TV and say its the best guitar they have ever owned. I loved the sustain and thickness of the les paul, but what are the differences between the two? I know the neck pickup of the Duesy can sound like a tele and the bridge more like a les paul. But how close to a les paul does it sound? does it sustain more than my tele does?
I play mainly praise and worship music, travel with different worship leaders. I'm not looking for the thin twangyness of a tele, but these guys can't stop talking about their starplayers.


The Duesy is so cool it defies description. I have a blue Mike Campbell. I never ever thought I'd own (gig) with a blue guitar. It is metallic blue with a racing stripe and a guy's autograph on the pickguard. That is sooo not me!!

When you hear it unplugged you know it is going to be good. Has its own thing going on similar to some things you can get with a Tele, but different, deeper. It is very cool indeed. I can't stop playing mine. The trem is terrific, the combination (middle) position is unreal. Play it clean, light od, medium od, it begs for whatever you can throw at it and makes it beautiful. It has its own thing happening like it has reverb built into it, but it is just a deep clear voice. It can be very big sounding with medium od, but clear as a bell. I can't tell you how crazy I thought my wife was for putting it in my hands and asking me to play something. It is friggin' metallic blue with stripes on it. It also sounds like you are playing God's guitar. It is scary good.



I had the starplayer special i think it was called in an orange like colour. The necks are 25.5" like your tele so that may feel familiar to you, the sustain was a bit less than a les paul but it covers more sonic ground, a very well made beautiful guitar that i wish i still ahd the neck was a beauty. plus it weighs a lot less than a les paul and imho is a better guitar (as long as you are not after the typical les paul sound)

randall g

The doozy with the les Paul vibe is the 49'er. I love that guitar.

I have a Starplayer Special (solid body, bolt on neck, 25.5 scale) and it gets more sounds than a Les Paul but not as much low-mid thump.

Dan S

You said you were floored by your friends Les Paul, so, A Les Paul. But, it would probably be ideal to play several of each through the amp you'll be using. I'm sure the Lord Jesus will like either!


the duesenberg is kinda a mix of a 335, paul, and a gretsch. the girth of a paul, bite of a gretsch and the hollow sustainy sound of a 335 :)

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