Leslie West Gravely Ill On Ventilator


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Thanks for the memories and God Bless your family,friends, and fans at this difficult time.
R.I.P Leslie


From Michael Schenker’s page:

My Dear Lesley West,

You were my Hero.
What you did with your Lead Guitar Playing was out of this World and You were the kindest Man I have known.
Such a Lovely Character with so much Love.
I am so sad that You are gone but I know that You are in a better place now.
Enjoy Heaven and keep me with You in Spirit.
I am looking forward to meet You again when my time comes.
We will make Heavenly Music together. See You then.
I will never forget You my Hero. I am Your little Brother.
Thank You for what You have done for me.
Rest In Peace my Dearest Friend.
All my Love to You and all my Condolences to Your Loved Ones.
From the depth of my Heart.

I Will Always Love You,
Michael Schenker

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Apparently not. Heart failure.
Very sad news. Yesterday Mississippi Queen played in a playlist and every time I hear that song I get chills by the sheer rawness of his gritty voice, smooth and non flashy or shredded lead solos , creamy distortion, Tight has hell with no delays or Reverbs just pure hi-gain melodic raw rock!! ....On a side note - i believe his death will be reported as COVID-19. I have heard MANY first hand reports from health care workers about totally non-COVID-19 related deaths are being documented by hospitals as COVID-19 being the cause of death.


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The brief solo outro on the Woodstock 2 version on Blood of the Sun is one of my favorites by Leslie. Hair-raisingingly righteous! That and Theme For An Imaginary Western. A True Guitar God.

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