Lesser-known LPs that had a disproportionately large effect on your own life and musical development

Growing up, we had very little money, so nearly all my tapes / CDs / records came from yard sales + thrift stores, usually selected on the basis of whether the cover looked cool and / or I recognized the artist's name

The result was, a lot of the records that _heavily_ influenced my development were lesser-known or disregarded releases by comparatively-well-known artists

I'm sure a lotta folks are the same way

Some of mine:
- Kid Creole and the Coconuts - "You Shoulda Told Me You Were..."
- Elysian Fields - "Queen of the Meadow"
- B-52s - 'Wild Planet"
- Shizuo - "Shizuo vs Shizor"
- Los Lobos - "Colossal Head"
- Breakbeat Era - "Ultra-Obscene" ->{this is Roni Size and DJ Die with obscure rock singer Leonie Laws}

Post 'em if you got 'em
Martin Barre used a LP in Benefit but I’m not sure what kind. On the album cover it showed a standard but I’ve heard stories it might have been a Junior or even a copy. Anyway I dug the sound even though I didn’t know much about guitars except for early Beatles.

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Love Colossal Head!

When I grew up all I was allowed to listen to, at least unsupervised, was stuff my Mom didn't like much anymore or that was warped. Heavy early early listening was given to (pre 8 Years old)

Edgar Winter Group - They Only Come Out at Night
Johnny Winter And Live
Johnny Winter Still Alive and Well
James Gang - Rides Again

Warped - Rolling Stones Get Yer Ya Yas Out and Sly and the Family Stone's Greatest Hits
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Doesn't get more obscure than Saint Steven's Over the Hills/The Bastich. A local Canton, Ohio talk radio station started an "underground music" show on Saturday nights about 1968 or 1969. The host played a few songs off this album every week and I was hooked. Found the vinyl album and played it non-stop for weeks. Nice mix of heavy electric and tasteful acoustic guitar songs.

A few years ago, the CD was released and I jumped on it. Still available on Amazon.


Bobo Fret

Whatchyou lookin' at?
I'll play along.

Got the self-titled '69 album by the band Moloch maybe in 1982 - freshman year in high school from the public library (same trip that introduced me to the Stooges, which also gobsmacked me). Absolutely loved it and it still gets lots of play - love their version of "Goin' Down". I posted about them a long time ago to see if anyone ever even heard of them and I don't think there were any responses. Never did return that sumbitch to the Tamarac, FL library. Shhhhh....




The Olivia Tremor Control – Black Foliage

I had no idea a band could successfully combine so many disparate influences, all of which I enjoy – Beatles, Beach Boys, Sun Ra, White Noise, Moondog, Stockhausen…

Even with 20 years of listening, I still hear new things in this album, which was largely made in home studios using 4 and 8-track machines.

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