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Let's "open a can of worms" and start adding some pedals to my rig! Help wanted!

Which fuzz/distortion/overdrive to go with my Thunderverb 50 + PPC212 Closed-back rig?

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  • Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz

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Hi guys!

So I'm ready to start "pedal'ing" on my Thunderverb 50 + PPC212 Closed-back setup! I'm new to all the "Effects Universe" and don't know where to start...

I'm ok with the clean and dirty sounds I can get out of the "just amp/cab setup" but, I have a couple extra money and would like to add some texture and power, something different to my sound. I would like to have a boosted lead and/or a slightly heavier distortion, heavier/doom-ier/sludg-ier... More "metal", but not "tight modern metal"...

Do I need a pedal? Probably not. (?) I'm not sure. I need to be schooled on this... LOL Should I run a pedal through a clean channel? One clean (A), and the other one clean (B) using the fuzz/distortion/overdrive, for dirty? Is there a primer/tutorial about this I can read, about this? I'm clueless...

So what do you think will get me started in the "effects scene"? I'm thinking something fuzz/overdrive/distortion... I will get into the modulation and time-based stuff later.

So, which pedals will be a nice addition to my setup? Which pedals works "awesomely great" with the TV50?

I play some kind of stoner/doom/sludge metal. Very Sabbath-y and Motorhead-y, but heavier. I tune in Standard C. And I use HH Fenders, loaded with DiMarzio Super Distortion/PAF and active 60/81 EMGs ...

Yes, a "can of worms" I know... And, right now, I really can't afford it. For the next couple of months, I'm thinking of a tuner (Boss TU-2/3 or a PolyTune 2), that distortion/booster/overdrive/fuzz, and a Wah, probably the Dunlop 535Q...

As for the distortion/booster/overdrive/fuzz, from from the reviews and videos around the internet, (and the Orange Amps Blog), I'm trying to decide between the Fulltone OCD, Pro Co RAT, EHX Big Muff with Tone Wicker, Ibanez Tube Screamer, Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Fuzz and the Way Huge Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz.

The latter, the Swollen Pickle, being the one I'm most inclined to, because it's a "heavier", "violent", "different", more extreme "out of control" fuzz, that will make a great difference from I already have with the "amp alone"... So I will end up with 3 dirty channels, one slightly crunch-dirty (A), heavier-dirty (B) and the Swollen Pickle, for "extreme fuzz", leads and "out of control" random crazyness... It will be great to be able to use a wide, different array of distortion tones. Yes, I rarely do anything "clean"...

What do you think? Am I thinking right? Help me out because I'm really oblivious about what to do...

Keep your tips and ideas coming!

Thanks in advance!

Have an AWESOME 2017!


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