Lets see those pick mods


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Kind of bored so made this thread. I usually us an Ultex Sharp 1.4 mm pick but recently bought some Dunlop Flow 1.5mm picks. The Flows are nice but are shorter in length and feel weird to me. The Ultex fits snugly in the pad of my finger right after the first joint but the Flow being shorter feels loose

I measured both picks with my cheapo calipers and the Ultex is 30mm from top to the back and the Flow was 29mm.

As you can see in the pic, I just layed a line of hot glue on the end of the pick and now it is 30.2 mm long and feels great. It even has a nice rubber like texture. I just played about 10 minutes with it and it is holding up fine.

Well, that’s what I am excited about today. Anybody else mod their picks?



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I like the Golden Gate thumbpicks, but they're a bit longer than I like, so I tend to cut them down some and the sand them a bit.

Brian N

I used to glue a tiny piece of sandpaper to my picks to get better grip. Then I discovered Snarling Dogs picks about 10 or so years ago and that's all I've used since.

Tommy Biggs

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I gotta look for it, but loooong ago I read about Brian May using a shilling, so I made a pick out of a NYC subway token.

ps, I had the guitar player mag review dismissing the first Queen album as ‘not a whistle able melody to be found’..,


Not sure about mods, but over the years I've made pics of just about any material imaginable. I have my favorite shapes program into the CNC so it's a matter of just dropping in some material and let the chips fly. Ive made them from all kinds of metals... brass, stainless, Copper, etc. I've done bone, ivory, graphite, Delrin, polycarbonate. But I don't regularly use any of those. LOL.

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I run mine through the washer and dryer sometimes. It really helps with my clean tones...
I keep some in my watch pocket in my jeans at all time. It's inevitable for at least 2-3 to end up at the bottom of the washing machine. I put those aside for when I record my cleans, naturally. :cool:

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