Lets see your Grosh NOS


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How do these guitars compare to the top shelf Strats of the world?

They sure look nice. None around these parts to check out. Anyone want to send me theirs for review.:D


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Played one at a local shop (Tone Broker Guitars). VERY nice guitar. I currently own an Electrajet so I felt like I sorta new what to expect in terms of quality - it didn't disappoint.

I'm not the worlds biggest Strat fan but these are killer guitars. For reference, I've owned a Vinetto Strat and have played, and own, several Lentz Strats.

The Grosh is right up there with these guitars. It felt a little more like the Vinetto, to me, than it did my Lentz SSL. I can't see what you wouldn't dig about these guitars. Don and Co. know how to build a killer guitar and you just can't really go wrong with one of these imo.

That said, the Lentz SSL I have is hands-down the best Strat (style) guitar I've ever played. Period.


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It's between Lentz and Grosh (unlesss I find a reasonable vintage or D'Pergo) for my eventual vintage type strat order.


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I have played both the Ash and Alder bodied versions.
I think most will like the neck, the size has seemed to vary (I've now handled 3) and I asked the dealer about that (John at Mass St.) since he has seen more of them as special orders don't go out on the floor. He said he had also noticed that the most recent one had a thinner neck profile and he was going to ask Don about it.
It was a nice neck size, close to a fender C with just a bit more girth, but I think the V-shaped neck and the slightly larger Grosh necks are both perfection.

All the guitars have been very good acoustically (I like to hear the guitar that way first just to get a sense of how responsive it is and how balanced) and I was especially impressed with the ash model (I prefer alder strats too). I've personally owned and played both the fat 60's and regular vintage Grosh pups and I prefer the regulars, but on these guitars the fat 60's seem right.

Of the 3 I've played, only the Ash one had the sort of throaty sound I like to find in the lower registers. It was there on the other guitars, but I had to work harder as a player if that makes sense. I would prefer a bit more throaty lows.
The ping factor as it is sometimes called was pretty good, especially on the Ash. They sound a LOT more vintage than the retro classic model (I owned a great example of one of these for a few years) and that surprised me, but they do.
The build quality is amazing of course. Intonation is perfect on every Grosh (my main squeezes are 2 EJ's and an LsL alder).
I only played the guitars without pedals. The base sound is very, very good. All the guitars I played had rosewood necks, and I think a maple neck might help liven the non-ash guitars up.
Weight was in the right range for a strat, a bit on the light side, definitely not an anchor.
I can't say that I consider Grosh a builder of vintage style guitars in the tone category, but they build amazing instruments and these guitars produce excellent strat tones. Not as "Vintage" as LsL, but very 'right.'
Trems work well, set up is good, I'd like to play one with the regular Grosh pickups to see if I might prefer that (to my ear those sound more vintage than the fat 60s).


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Been waiting for Don to come out with a more traditional body shape for awhile as I've always loved his guitars and prefer his headstocks to most of the other high end f style makers.


I played one briefly at the factory. It definitely stood up very well against the few Custom Shop Strats that I've played. In most aspects the NOS was better, especially in playability / feel and resonance. Thing is though, I still like my ElectraJet Custom better. That's probably just because I'm so used to my EJ and I've never been a big fan of the "standard" body styles. I've always been into stuff that is somewhat different, but familiar.

Don and his crew build awesome guitars. If you get a chance to check out a NOS, or any Grosh guitar I'm sure you will be impressed.


OK Tonegangster...I think this is the one I played along with a gallery of 31 of them




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Just received the photos of my completed NOS Grosh that arrived at MassStreetMusic. They provided these pictures while it is en route... For those interested, here are the specs:

Swamp Ash
Transparent Natural, Aged Satin Lacquer Finish
Maple/Brazilian Rosewood Fingerboard
Medium/Large Roundback (.850"/.950")
Radius: 12"
Nut: 1 11/16"
6105 Stainless (Tall/Narrow)
Custom Gotoh 1088 Vintage Tremolo
Brown Tortoise pickguard
Grosh S/S/H, Super 5-way, Vol, Tone w/ Push-Pull Coil Tap, Blend
Neck & Middle Pickups: Fat 60's Single Coil
Bridge Pickup: Grosh 327 Black Humbucker




Very cool guitars! I'm a huge Grosh Sunset 79 fan/player, but I'd love to check out the Retros!!!!


Very cool guitars! I'm a huge Grosh Sunset 79 fan/player, but I'd love to check out the Retros!!!!

Try the Electrajet with p-90's. Don winds those with some majic buit in. I think it is John Flynn's favorite guitar....he spoke so highly of them I picked this one up and love it.

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