Let’s talk about Dr Zs!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs' started by Tele81, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Tele81

    Tele81 Member

    Jan 1, 2014
    Beavercreek Ohio
    So to date I’ve owned Maz 18/38, Stang Ray, Carmen Ghia, Prescription Rx Jr, Z lux, Z28 and the Galaxie. I currently own a EZG 50 and a Therapy. For reference I’ve also owned Bad Cat Black Cat 30/cub iii, Fuchs ODS, Savage macht 18, a couple divided by 13s, various Bogners Friedman’s and Mesas. For some reason I’m always drawn back to my Zs. There is a focus and immediacy to the tone that I gravitate towards. What Zs have you owned and what’ve you got now?
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  2. bxlxaxkxe

    bxlxaxkxe Member

    Sep 20, 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA
    I've only had one Z- a Carmen Ghia. No other amp has ever done what that amp did to me. There was a connection between fingers-guitar-amp-speaker that I've NEVER experienced with any other amp. Ultimately, it wasn't loud enough for the band at the time and I started to miss knobs and switches so I let it go eventually, but I've never forgotten the magic of that Z.

    I THINK that immediacy is present in all of his amps. Nowhere to hide with those amps, which is why they aren't for everybody. Friedman is like the opposite- play half way decent and you'll sound very good. Play great with a Z and sound like the heavens.
  3. Shredzilla

    Shredzilla Member

    May 30, 2011
    South of Nibiru
    Have owned this Maz18 2x12 for 10 years.
    Have only seen one other in this wood/tolex and it was a 1x12.

  4. Irreversal

    Irreversal Member

    Jul 18, 2016
    The Beach
    Z28 > Maz 38 > Maz 18 > Monza > Therapy > DB4 > Z Plus > EMS > Z Wreck

    Right now, the Z Wreck 1x12 is the only Z in my possession. I'm eagerly awaiting the re-release of the DB4, though, and pretty much guarantee I will buy that when it comes out. Out of that list, the Therapy is the one I really miss, but I've sort of moved back to 1x12 combos lately and moved away from heads and 2x12's.

    The only amps I've found that I enjoy as much as the Z's are the Komets.
  5. easyed

    easyed Supporting Member

    May 14, 2017
    My first and only Z amp is a MAZ Jr, 2x10, reverb. I've dated it as a 2001 but believe it was updated about 2014.

    I love the versatility and the quality of the construction. I haven't had much opportunity to play it much lately.
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  6. rhinocaster

    rhinocaster Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2004
    I've owned: Route 66, Z28, Z-Wreck, Mini Z, M12, Carmen Ghia and Z-Master.

    The Route 66, Ghia and Z-Master are still here. I question the need for the Route 66 at this point as I'm getting incredible sounds from the Ghia at level I can use and the Z-Master is basically the best Fender tweed I've ever heard.

    Amps that shine on stage and that can be a bit "much" if you just want to chill out and listen to sweet, moderate volume sounds. They'll still sound great at lower volumes but they won't do it for anyone that loves to run their guitar controls on 10 all the time.
  7. SirGilmour

    SirGilmour Supporting Member

    Aug 8, 2012
    Fort Wayne IN
    Love Mike. Love Z's. So much amp for the money new or used. I have owned (I know I have a problem)

    3 Ghias
    25th Ghia
    2 Mini Z's
    Z Wreck
    2 Routes
    2 M12's

    I must say the Nova I just picked up is my favorite. Maybe the most dynamic amp I have ever played. Infinite shades of clean to mean.

    Really none of these have been duds which is probably why I came back to some of the, multiple times. Haha. The Ghia was my first amp and it shocked me when I first plugged it in. So much punch for an 18 watt EL84 amp.

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  8. mattsmusic

    mattsmusic Supporting Member

    Dec 16, 2003
    Currently, my main gigging amp is a Prescription ES head. I have also owned a Maz 38 and a DB4 as well. HUGE Z fan! :aok
  9. aaronblues

    aaronblues Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2006
    SE MI
    Maz 18 has been my #1 for going on 13 years. Almost every gig and rehearsal. Tone aside, the dependability is amazing; Workhorse doesn't begin to cover it.
    Then factor in the tone, range, versatility....

    Own a Therapy that is on permanent loan to my band mate, and he makes it sound good. I get a bit jealous here and there, and get tempted to swipe it back.
    Own a Z-plus that's gotten a lot of work this year also, better home amp then a Maz.

    Have owned a couple Ghia's, a Route 66, a RxJr (my least favorite), a M12, a Remedy, a Galaxie, Mini-Z head, a Jaz 20/40, and a DB4.
    DB4 might be the best amp of his I've played. Can do country or Beatles to perfection, but can gain up also. Inspirational amp that I hated selling.

    I'm in no place to be buying right now, but I hope to own a Z-Master one day...

  10. Fishyfishfish

    Fishyfishfish Member

    Jul 9, 2013
    Found an old Maz 18 with a green back and stopped........for a bit.
    M12 combo- love it, great for small gigs.
    Would love a KT45 or a Remedy if I was in a loud loud band.
  11. Smashies

    Smashies Silver Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2013
    Greenville, SC
    I've owned a Z-Wreck combo (incredible amp!) and a Maz 18 Jr NR combo (loved it too, very versatile), and currently own a Carmen Ghia (below) where I just dropped in a well-used alnico Gold and it's stuff of magic.

    Big fan of the Doc!

  12. japanmoran

    japanmoran Member

    Aug 12, 2006
    Miami, FL..not Japan anymore.

    2 pics - first (matches the 2x10 up above!) is my Z28 in a combo with greenback.
    The second pic is from 2002 when I owned 4 Z heads. Was moving overseas and had to scale down. I sold the Rt 66 and KT45 but kept the Ghia and Z28. Later sold the Ghia and miss it (does anyone out there have my old Vox cloth green Ghia???).

    I kept the Z28. It is s/n 1 of the heads (built in 2000) and I still have it today. Wish I would have bought a matching green cab back in the day.

    the '28 is such a great amp.
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  13. Lwilliams

    Lwilliams Supporting Member

    May 26, 2003
    I have owned:

    Maz 38 Sr 1x12
    Maz 18 Jr 1x12
    Galaxie 1x12
    EZG 50 with 2x12 cab
    Prescription ES with 2x12 cab
    Maz 18 Jr NR with 2x10 cab ( MY Favorite)

    Through all of that, I keep going back to my Matchless amps, DC-3 and SC-30.

    Of all the Z amps, the Maz 18 Jr NR is my favorite tone.
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  14. Teleplayer

    Teleplayer New Mods On The Block Staff Member Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2004
    I've owned two Stang Ray heads, one with a matching open back 2x12 Z cab loaded with broken in Blues and the other with a Z 1x12 convertible cab loaded with a Sumback S75. Also used to own a Maz 38 2x12 combo.

    I currently have a RxES 1x12 that was originally built for/owned by Tracii Guns. It's now loaded with a Scumback M75 65 watter. About two years ago, I sent the chassis back to Dr. Z Amps, and Mike himself gave it a thorough once-over (I think I was charged a "whopping" $75, including parts).

    I gravitate to Z's non-MV amps most. The RxES 1x12 is a brilliant amp. Hit the front end with a boost of your choice, and you can do a 4-hour gig (for pretty much any type of music aside from high gain) with that amp, the boost and a Strat or Tele.

    The Ray is a criminally underrated clean/AC30ish amp. The Ray head I had through the open back 2x12 had the "footprint" of an EL34-based amp. HUGE. And for a group of boutique amp aficionados, as I have said quite a few times before, it is surprising/shocking that the Ray is not one of the first amps mentioned in threads about great clean, Vox-like, and/or EL84 amps. Crazy great amp, especially through Blues.

    And Doc (Mike Z) is such a gracious, customer service-driven, knowledgeable and likeable cat. He's been at it 30+ years, was there at the beginning of the boutique amp revolution, has his own designs/thing going on, has cats like Joe Walsh and Brad Paisley approach him on a regular basis to build amps for gigs in front of 20,000+ people, and has tons of great amps out in the hands of players.

    Oh yeah, and his prices have always been amongst the lowest in the boutique marketplace. Sensible, well-built, great sounding, no-frills amps. What's not to like?
  15. Flyin' Brian

    Flyin' Brian Member

    Jul 29, 2005
    K7C 4K8
    According to the labeling on his amp a friend owns Z Wreck of Z Edmund Fitzgerald.
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  16. mr zurkon

    mr zurkon Member

    May 12, 2016
    This is my Maz Jr 1x12, L serial (2001), bought used in 2002 for $1k. It's been my main amp since. The stock G12H blew during a gig in 2012. I replaced it with a Mojotone BV-30H. I get my JJ tubes from tubedepot.com and go with the high gain option for the V1 ecc83. I run the master at max and use the volume as the master. This amp's sound is complimented or discussed pretty much anytime I show up somewhere with it. I feel a fondness for it that matches and rivals any of my favorite guitars. I love my Maz Jr.

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  17. aaronblues

    aaronblues Supporting Member

    Sep 18, 2006
    SE MI
    I can definitely relate to that "fondness". I've liked and enjoyed a lot of different amps, but only my Maz feels essential to me making music.

    Crazy that you blew a speaker after a decade. I'm 13 years into my Maz18 thru an old Z cab with Celestion Blue, and I've been worried about blowing it for 12 and a half! Still going strong tho!
    I spell it sometimes with a Savage cab running an ASW.
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  18. The Opera Panther

    The Opera Panther Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2009
    I’ve had my 2002 Ghia for a decade now. It’s just a fantastic piece of gear. Two knobs and the truth. Loved it at band volumes, love it (almost more, actually) heavily attenuated up in the jam room. If I can’t do it with that amp and a few choice pedals, I shouldn’t be doing it. It’s over there<.
  19. Ridgeback

    Ridgeback Member

    Aug 23, 2004
    Maz 18 NR combo, Ghia head, Z-28 head (x2), Stangray head, EZG-50 head, Therapy. I've played many other models. Missed the Z-28 after I sold it so I got a second one a few years later. Currently have the Z-28 and the Therapy heads. First class amps with their own fairly unique voicings and controls you set with your ears instead of your eyes until you figure them out.

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  20. 5cr33nager

    5cr33nager Member

    Nov 23, 2016
    Memphis, Tn.
    Z-28 was 2x10 now 1x10 still have this one.
    Galaxie 1x12
    Route 66
    Prescription 2x12
    Maz 18 NR
    Love the Z stuff.
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