Let's talk about the 80s again....


Eighties were a mixed bag (which you could say about any decade, generation or genre of music). There was still some good guitar based music going on but with a few exceptions I hated the synth-pop, femmy spandex wearin' hair/glam metal hacks and the cold/calculated timbre of early era digital signal processing on too many records of the day. Then again, I'm That70'sBro - so wadda I know? :dunno

john weires

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I disliked nearly everything that was on the radio or mainstream "popular" during the 80's.
The blues movement largely sparked by SRV was my thing.

Stinky Kitty

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I loved the Minneapolis sound and beyond Prince himself, nobody incorporated great guitar playing into it like Jesse. Do you love great outro solos? :dude


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I never liked the 80s production style and sound that much, but there were a lot of great songs. Strong melodies, even in mainstream pop. Would have loved to hear a lot of it re-recorded, but with a more organic sound. Even an album such as Brothers in Arms.

Dr. Tweedbucket

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Back then I was a metalhead and back then I didn't appreciate some of it as much as I do today.
One thing I love are the bass lines - like the sequenced synth bass that sound like a night rider soundtrack, or something more funky.
There were a ton of them...
Ahh that Madonna song and album that it was on. My girlfriend would bring her stupid Madonna tape along whenever we were going out cruising and I had to pull my Van Halen tape out to play her stuff. :rolleyes2:
Can you imagine Madonna trumping Van Halen?? :waiting How embarrassing.
What's even more embarrassing is I started to like Madonna :cry:

Jaz Coleman summed them up relatively early in the decade:

They totally ripppped off Nirvana :red
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What about smooth jazz?
Acoustic Alchemy (saw them live)
Spyro Gyra
The Rippingtons
Larry Carlton (saw him live)
Kenny G
David Sanborn (saw him live)

Those artists let people like Navin and myself finally get the rhythm!


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I remember John Lennon's Double Fantasy record (1980 I think?), REO Speedwagon Hi Indfidelity, and The Police Synchronicity being my first "rock" albums. Later, I was into Night Ranger and Rush. Then Iron Maiden, then hair metal.

Now, I love all the stuff I used to hate then, in particular Hall & Oates. My band makes their living on early to mid-80's/MTV material - Rick Springfield, Jackson Browne, Bryan Adams, etc.

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