Letting go . . . talk me out of it (or into it)


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I got tired of carting around my heavy 2x10 open back cab (Avatar, Vintage style, Celestion Golds) and picked up a Mesa Mini Rec 1x12 cab because it's lighter and more compact. Turns out it sounds pretty amazing with my TA-15 and I hardly plug into my 2x10 anymore. When I do, I love the chimey cleans, but the bass really sounds sloppy when I play distorted tones and, frankly, the cleans through the 1x12 sound pretty spectacular.

I'm having trouble coming up with any reason for keeping the 2x10 other than this my non-scientific desire to have a cab with alnico speakers. I don't record, my band isn't that loud and if we ever play someplace big (seems unlikely), I'm going to have to mike up the TA-15 anyway.

Any reason I should hang on to this thing? And if I let it go, what's it worth?

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