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  1. dconeill

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    Dec 9, 2006
    Birders make life lists, why not guitarers?. Here's a list of all the guitars I've ever owned. The ones I still own are marked with asterisks. I first picked up a guitar sometime around 1970; I should be able to play by now, but alas I'm more of an acquirer than a player.

    Alvarez classical
    Electra semihollow with built-in effects
    Gibson ES-175
    *Gibson ES-335
    Gibson ES-340
    Gibson ES-350T
    Gibson L-12
    Gibson Les Paul Custom
    Gretsch Single Anniversary
    Hagstrom D’Aquisto
    Hagstrom Swede
    Harmony acoustic, model unknown
    *Heritage Sweet 16
    Lowden unknown model
    *Ovation Elite (1718)
    *Squier Protone Fat Tele
    Stratocaster (coral pink)
    Stratocaster (gray)
    Stratocaster (white)
    Unknown brand, semihollow electric
    Yairi DY-77

    I must say, I was shocked.

    What have you had?
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  2. Elduderino73

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    Aug 17, 2010
    Just outside New Orleans
    Some anonymous acoustic from a pawn shop my dad bought me to start out.
    Harmony H802 - xmas present for my 15th bday and first electric.
    Starforce 8006
    A few random pawnshop guitars in my teens.
    ESP LTD M I think. Black with reverse headstock circa 1999
    Samick strat copy
    Fender American strat with the big headstock
    Carvin CT3
    Epiphone G400
    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Alpine White
    Gibson Les Paul Studio Fireburst 2011
    Ovation Celebrity Standard
    Breedlove A/E

    Still currently own:
    Epiphone Swingster Wine Red
    Ibanez AS93 Blueburst
    Ibanez AS93 Violinburst
    Ibanez AGS73t

    Gotta be 24.75" scale, set-neck, humbuckers or P90s for me now.

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