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Sold Lightweight Pine 2x10, matte finish


Silver Supporting Member
I built a couple of these when I was doing pine and other solid wood cabinets; I do all birch ply these days so this would be the last chance to snag one of my cabinets in pine.

I picked through all my pine for weight and clarity for this build, even with the baltic birch back/baffle it weighs in unloaded at 16 pounds 10 ounces. A couple Neo 10's would be awesome with it.


22 3/4" W x 17.5" H x 10" D

- Solid 3/4" western white pine shell with half blind dovetails
- Highest grade Baltic birch ply baffle and back panels (1/2")
- Satin poly finish
- Wheat grill
- Mounting hardware and wiring installed, ready for your drivers
- Both side and bottom feet
- Front loaded
- Brown dogbone style handle

I've kept this around to demo 10" speakers and because I just like it...but I suppose I'll move it along.

It is very clean but not mint since it's been used around the shop / house; you'll find an indentation here and there but it's a really nice cab.

$275 shipped CONUS, Paypalled.

A new build of the same specs and materials would be priced a good deal higher.

Thanks all.


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