Like Wolfetone pickups? Check out his new pedal!


Last Friday my son and I got out for a little guitar-shop hopping. We decided to drop in on Guitarville (Seattle area) since I hadn't been there in close to 10 years.

As luck would have it, as my son was trying out a tele into a Vox amp, this guy walks up and asks if he would like to try out a prototype pedal. SURE!

Turns out the guy was Wolfe Macleod, owner of Wolfetone pickups and he's decided to branch out into building pedals now as well.

Check it out. It's a killer pedal. I'm betting you will be impressed.

Cheers fellow gear addicts!

I'm the son. For those who want specifics, it was an older beat up tele (not sure of pups, how much of the guitar was stock or not, etc but it sounded great) into the TB channel of a Vox AC15C1 with a greenback in it. Master volume was at about noon, TB volume was at about 9 o'clock, can't remember what tone was at. Anyways, enjoy.


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Well, if Wolfe can make pedals any where close to the quality and tone of his pickups, I'll be buying :aok


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Any idea on a release date? Maybe I'll pick one up when I order the Dr. Vintage pickups.


Any idea on a release date? Maybe I'll pick one up when I order the Dr. Vintage pickups.

Ack! Pre-press! :crazy Thanks, Banjoze! It waas great running into a local TGP'er.

Hopefully we'll have it ready to go in the next couple months. Need to finalize a few things, maybe a couple small tweaks, and figure out whether I want to hand paint or screen print them.

As for the BFG name, I don't know if I'll stock withthat or not. Names have always been somethign I'm torn over.. but it's certainly descriptive, isn't it?

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