Likely some placebo effect, but...


I've had a problem with the input selector switch on my 20+ year old Yamaha integrated amp - the left channel cuts out randomly. Evidently (thanks interwebz) this is a known issue with an easy fix, which I finally got around to this afternoon. Had to move a bunch of stuff and take some furniture apart to get to the damn thing, but a thorough soaking of the switch with contact cleaner seems to have done the trick. Also took the time to take apart and clean every connector in the system for the first time ever. Reassembled everything, popped in some TGP-approved Robin Ford, and ... wow, the 'ol system sounds pretty good! Knowing that I don't have to dish out the cash for a replacement likely colors the sound, as well.


Can of contact cleaner - $4.99
Hours spent cleaning and reassembling system - 2
Feeling that you get because you don't need to drop $500 on a replacement amp - priceless.

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