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    Choco Dawg - PayPal'd and Shipped in the continental USA only. No Trades.
    Please ask all questions beforehand. This item is sold As Is with No Returns.

    I just received this beauty and it is amazing. Still smells new! July 8, 2019 build. I have a non-music opportunity I'm funding by the sale of high end equipment.

    Here goes! Remarkable Brown Deluxe by Jim at Lil Dawg.
    I have the actual build pics of this very amp if the new buyer would like them. It has the last 'logo' faceplate and backplate that Jim had. All upgrades went into this amp: Mercury Magnets set (FBDP & FBDO00), Sprague Atoms, SoZo Blue molded caps, JJ 6v6GTs. Beautiful headshell by Mather Cabs. - 8 ohms. New Fender foot switch for tremelo.

    Sounds glorious! Everybody talks about the Marshall like breakup of these amps when pushed, and that's true!, but the cleans are killer, too. Set the volume at about 3 and you're in heaven. Add a boost or OD in front and watch out ... or set the volume around 7 and use your guitar control for a range of clean to mean. The trem is hypnotic.

    I tested it with a Jenkins Highway 61 2x12 cab with Blues and it sounded beautiful.

    The amp is in almost new condition. There is a rub mark on the backplate where it reads 'Speaker'. The previous owner made notice of the corner seams of the tolex. There is a small gap at each corner. I'm not sure if this is a mistake or not since they are very small but check out the pictures. I probably wouldn't have noticed/mentioned it if he hadn't brought it to my attention. That's all.
    It's ready to go!

    Reverb link:

    Picture time:







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