Line 6 Amplifi TT - A forgotten product, and now apparently discontinued


Searching this forum only yields 5 threads on the Amplifi TT, it seems to have been totally ignored by everyone when it came out, which was less than 3 years ago.

For those who haven't noticed, Line 6 seem to be phasing these out, just in time for NAMM. They are available for 99 euros in several online stores in Europe now, which is something like 50% down from what it was selling for a month ago. Also, Andertons has it listed as Discontinued - Anyway, for 85 quid / 99 euros it seemed worth taking a punt so I've ordered one :)

I've been thinking about buying an old Pod XT or X3 to take to jam sessions (not risking taking the Axe FX out of the house, and really didn't get along with the Digitech RP360 I bought earlier for this purpose), came across the Amplifi line which basically offers everything the XT does and a bit more, and then noticed the price reduction.

Line 6 seem to have botched the marketing on this thing massively. When they first came out they only supported iOS and not Android, had a USB port that was totally useless and the thing didn't work properly with the Line 6 floorboards. They seem to have silently added Android support, given it the ability to work as a USB audio interface with ASIO support and great integration with the FBV controllers. On top of that, the shortboard supposedly allow paging between banks, accessing 100 presets like the FX100 instead of just 4, something that really wasn't apparent until I started digging online.

Anyone actually own one? It seems strange that Line 6 are pulling these when the brand new Spider V is based on the same modelling technology (they have the exact same models/cabs/effects)

Any speculation what Line 6 are going to do to fill the void? :)


If there pulling it then it didn't sell. It's usually just that simple. They had many products that were very similar around that time if I remember correctly. That product suffered for it I guess.

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The Firehawk pedal seems close enough in price and significantly better in what it offers to have really taken a bite out of the Amplifi's market in my opinion. The FH is much more usable as a standalone unit than the Amplifi as well.

mac jones

I have one of these. It's nice. Having to use an iPhone, or Android over bluetooth is little convoluted IMO. They don't even have a desktop app.
They say the virtues of this iOS/Android reliance is that you can play their tracks, and get tones. Im not sure this was a big hit. Gotta hand it to Line 6 for trying new things though, which they do a lot of. :)

I like it because it's cheap (and getting cheaper apparently)
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I believe that by the time the TT and FX100 were released the Android app was available and the USB port worked. Actually, I know the USB port on the TT worked out of the gate, as I helped with the beta in that.
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It was fun at the start, then ear fatigue kicked in and I sold it off. Wasn't inspiring for my practice sessions at night.


Right. Either sell it or give it a rest. (Saves re-buying it later on; something i've done on occasion)

I did. I started a thread on my quest here:

Was heavily leaning towards the Amplifi TT. Got it in the end, thoroughly enjoyed it at the start, especially since it's a great way to practice in stereo.
I was fine tweaking as I normally do spend time, sitting down with my pedals and crafting patches/experimenting settings. It took time but I kept noticing something about the Amplifi TT's tone that I couldn't dial out, despite its strong EQ section. Whether in cleans, crunch, or distortion, the amps themselves left me wanting once I've got to know the nuances.

I was happy to sell it off. Someone did an experiment I wanted to try too, and apparently it failed:

Lastly, I moved to a different practice solution that has trumped everything I've had so far.


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I have the FX100 which works fine / sounds fine IMO; MF had a sale on the 150 so I have that too...I use it on the porch to play iTunes or my guitar outside when the weather's nice.

I dig the app for control; I have it on iPhone and Android and never had major issues with Bluetooth on either. I can have the AMPLIFi across the room/porch and do everything from the comfort of my sofa / chair...

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