Line 6 DT-25 / DT-50 and the HD Expansion Packs


I've been considering picking up either a DT-25 / DT-50 or a pair of Alto TS wedges to use with my JTV and HD500X. With the DT amps, I read you can use DT-Edit to change the amp model used for the 4 voicings on each channel. Is this possible with the amp models released in the model packs as well? If so, can anyone comment on how the acoustic model sounds through the DT amps vs using no model at all?

@Col Forbin , I've read some of your posts about disabling the amp model to get some passable JTV acoustic tones through the DT-25, with the downside being that you don't have any EQ options. Have you given this a shot? What'd you think?

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