Line 6 G10 XLR Out to HELIX XLR Mic In?


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Now that the G10 has been out for well over 6 months, has anyone used their G10 Receiver Base's XLR Out to connect (an additional guitar) to their Helix via the Helix's XLR Mic Input? Of course, Helix's Global Settings > I/O > 48V Phantom Power must be "OFF"!

The G10's XLR Out is (most) likely Line Level. Line 6 does not provide their specs. I have not measured the XLR Output's signal level.

The Helix Mic In XLR is set up for Mic Level. Line 6 does not provide their specs. I'm guessing the input expects -60db to -40db. With the Helix Global Settings > I/O > Mic Gain set to 0dB.

I have not used any Mic's nor the Mic Input Block with my Helix. And I have not yet looked to see if the Mic parameters allow significant Input Level attenuation. A Gain Block and Compressor Block may be able to attenuate their output levels, but may be useless if the Mic Input Block is overloaded or clipping.
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