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Sold Line 6 Helix - Like New...



Selling my Line 6 Helix. It is in absolute perfect condition. It has never been used as a floor pedal. It has resided on my desk since purchase in my music room (smoke/animal/kid free).

I have the box and all original contents.

$1100 shipped via PayPal f&f (add the surcharge for merchant option if needed).

**I also have the official Line 6 Carrying Case that was never used. If interested add $100 to the price**

I have pics but am having issues/confusion uploading them to this post. I can text or email any pics needed until I can figure out how to get them uploaded here...

Until then here is a link to a Google Photo share:

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Craig Walker

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You have to host pix on an offsite host. (picturetrial etc)

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