Line 6 M5 vs. Nova Delay?


I realize this has been asked before, I've looked through some old threads and would like a few more opinions for my situation since most of the time people start hating on the M5 for only doing one effect at a time.

I'm currently using a Nova Delay + Carbon Copy combo for my delays- carbon copy for simple slapback, ND with presets for various special situations. Since the M5 is a similar footprint and offers more variety than the ND at a similar price, and I've noticed a slight amount of white noise with the ND-1, I'm wondering which you guys prefer (I will keep the carbon copy for simple analog sounds).

1. I'm mainly looking for basic digital/tape delay duties, with the occasional reverb, pad, or weird effect thrown in there.

2. One effect at a time doesn't bother me, and I don't need to change effects mid-song- again, this is basically a delay replacement, with occasional whammy/reverb/filter use when some soul-sucking pop cover requires it. Neither the ND-1 or M5 are ideal for changing presets mid-song, and I understand this is a function of their layout.

3. I use a Moen GEC-9 programmable looper, meaning I can true bypass either unit as needed- that said having a bunch of white noise rear its ugly head (more than the ND-1) when I have the loop selected is obviously undesirable.

Which would you choose? Am I going to be horribly disappointed in the M5 when my primary concerns are digital/tape style delay quality & noise level/dry signal quality?

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