List equipment you would like to see demo`ed in this forum.

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    Feb 23, 2007
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    I request that the demos be accessible via youtube as I dont click soundclick or any other media hosts.

    Heres hoping that some of the members kind enough to host demos here fulfil some of the requests posted within this forum.


    Using a Les Paul or other humbucker equipped guitar, id love to view a demo which compares dirty tones from Celestion Greenback 12 inch speaker and contrast with Celestion G12H30 12 inch speaker,

    Id like to view a demo comparing a vintage EHX deluxe memory man with original bucket brigade chips with the latest version in new housing and with current chips. Demo NOT to feature knob turning and wierd noises as Ive absolutely no interest in that area. Music in the vein of pink floyd the wall and stuff like that would be well suited to this demo request.

    Id like to view a demo with a Les Paul type guitar of somebody using a Marshall 1987x reissue head fitted with a PPIMV and proving or disproving you can tame a wild animal like the 1987x with the PPIMV and put a distortion pedal in front of that head and use it at home without incurring the wrath of family and /or neighbours.

    Encourage other TGP`ers to list the demos they would love to see, in the hope that some members are in a position to oblige.
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    Mar 11, 2011
    A good speaker comparison video with popular amps

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