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List ten (and ONLY ten) albums that have greatly influenced your playing

Tone chader

Allman Brothers, Live at Filmore. Eric Clapton, 24 nights live. Luther Alison, Live in Chicago. Buddy Guy, Slippin'in. Michael Ward's playing on John Hiatt's Live from Budakahn. Blue rodeo, Live from '99.


From earliest to most recent:

1) Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Marching Out
2) Van Halen - Fair Warning
3) Alcatrazz - Disturbing the Peace
4) Savatage - Gutter Ballet
5) Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble - Couldn't Stand the Weather
6) Pearl Jam - 10
7) Faith No More - Album of The Year
8) Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
9) Nick Drake - Pink Moon
10) Ween - Quebec
Man, this is a tough one. There have been at least 30 that have really influenced me. But I will try to pare it down to 10.

1) Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
2) Def Leppard - Hysteria
3) Van Halen 1
4) Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
5) Led Zeppelin IV
6) Oasis - What's The Story Morning Glory
7) Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain
8) Whitesnake 1987
9) AC/DC Live
10) Metallica - Live **** Binge & Purge


No real order

Led Zeppelin - I
Metallica - Ride The Lightning
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger
ZZ Top - Tres Hombres
Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
Gary Moore - Still Got The Blues
Danzig - S/T
Prong - Prove You Wrong
White Zombie - La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume One


Silver Supporting Member
Smashing pumpkins- gish and Siamese dream

verve- storm in heaven, northern soul

black angles-passover

oasis- definitely maybe

spiritualized- laser guided melodies, pure phase, ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space

pink Floyd- delicate sounds of thunder


Silver Supporting Member
1 - In The West - Jimi, blues, and raw live strat
2 - Ty Tabor - dig most of his solo work and King’s X
3 - Physical Graffiti - I could finally jam to many of those songs.
4 - Montrose- Ronnie Montrose, I cut my teeth on this, LP, cranked Marshall
5 - Gov’t Mule - the first 3
6 - Queen - Queen II
7 - Masters of Reality - Tony and Geezer, rockin’ riffage
8 - Parinoid - more sonic riffage
9 - Foghat - Foghat, loved them live, rockin’
10 - Rough and Ready - Jeff, ...with a smokin’ band.

This is what influenced me the most, there are others, but, these 10, will forever be etched to my musical soul:rockin


Gold Supporting Member
Are You Experienced
Band of Gypsies
Van Halen 1
Women and Children First
Into the Purple Valley
Dixie Chicken
Led Zeppelin 1
Texas Flood
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere
Live Dead
In chronological order. Interesting to see how my taste evolved.

1 - AC/DCHigh Voltage
2 - Queen - A Night at the Opera
3 - Van Halen 1
4 - Al Di Meola - Splendido Hotel
5 - Allan Holdsworth - Road Games
6 - Allan Holdsworth - Metal Fatigue
7 - Cold Chisel - Swingshift
8 - Eric Johnson - Tones
9 - Allan Holdsworth - Secrets
10 - Tribal Tech (the first, self-titled album)


GNR "Appetite For Destruction"
Metallica "Master Of Puppets"
Carcass "Symphonies Of Sickness"
U2 "Boy"
Led Zeppelin 3
Van Halen 1
Burzum "Hvis Lyset Tar Oss"
AC/DC "Powerage"
Fleetwood Mac "Then Play On"
Radiohead "OK Computer"


I ASPIRED to this stuff...but my skill level is more geared towards 70's rock pre-VH lol , which turns out is as fun to try to play.

1. VH - Fair Warning , Diver Down and 1984
2. Rush - Moving Pictures
3 . VH 1
3. AC DC - Back in Black
4. Def Leppard - High n Dry
5. Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom
7. Yngwie Malmsteen - Marching Out
8. Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
9. Robben Ford- Talk to Your Daughter
10. Various Lynrd Skynrd songs


In no certain order:
1. Get the Knack - The Knack
As a 13 year old, the solo to My Sharona made me want to play lead guitar.
2. Boston
I could put on the album and play side 1, flip and play side 2 straight through.
3. Boston II
4. Fool for the City - Foghat
Learned to play slide because of Rod Price
5. Get Born - Jet
At the time, I thought them the second coming of AC/DC
6. Every Picture Tells a Story - Rod Stewart
I wanted to be able to sing like Rod... then came to appreciate the beautiful acoustic work
7. The Wall - Pink Floyd
David Gilmore. Enough said.
8. Wish - the Cure
Taught me that feedback and effects can create a sonic soundscape...
9. The Colour and the Shape - Foo Fighters
Interesting chords and progressions made me want to learn them
10. 2112 - Rush
The joy of a high school rock band.


John Mayall and the Blues Breakers - Beano Album
The Allman Brothers Band - Live at Fillmore East
Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
Derek and the Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
Led Zeppelin - II
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
Larry Carlton - Room 335
Robben Ford - Inside Story
Yellow Jackets - Yellow Jackets
Pat Metheny - Pat Metheny Group


Silver Supporting Member
No particular order

The Beatles - Meet the Beatles
Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same
Dokken - Tooth And Nail
Ratt - Invasion Of Your Privacy
Hendrix - Are You Experienced?
Pearl Jam - Ten
Temple Of The Dog
Screaming Trees - Uncle Anesthesia
Soundgarden - Louder Than Love
Van Halen - Fair Warning

Bonus --- AC/DC - Highway To Hell


Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien
Steve Vai - For the Love of God
Steve Morse - Southern Steel
Van Halen - Fair Warning
Ron Thal (BumbleFoot) - Hands
Devin Townsend - Epicloud
Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory
Richie Kotzen - Get Up
Extreme - Pornograffiti
Testament - The Ritual


No particular order:

Satriani - Flying in a Blue Dream
Steve Vai - Passion and Warfare
Jeff Beck - Blow by Blow
Hendrix - Axis: Bold as Love
Hendrix - Electric Ladyland
Extreme - III Sides to Every Story
Dweezil Zappa - Confessions of a Deprived Youth
Big Head Todd - Sister Sweetly
Shawn Lane - Powers of Ten
Eric Johnson - Ah Via Musicom

Really, 10 is hardly enough. can’t believe the ones I’m leaving off this list haha.
These are from my early years of playing, first 5 years.
I wanted to make people really think about it. I certainly had to!


Not the entire albums, but I liked to play along to some songs off of the following albums:

Deep Purple - Machine Head
Stampeders - Carrying On
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
Rush - All The World's A Stage
Lynyrd Synyrd - One More From The Road
AC/DC - Let There Be Rock
Linda Ronstadt - Simple Dreams
Prism - See Forever Eyes
Head East - Head East
Trooper - Hot Shots


Man, this is a tough one. There have been at least 30 that have really influenced me. But I will try to pare it down to 10.

1) Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
2) Def Leppard - Hysteria
3) Van Halen 1
4) Beastie Boys - Licensed To Ill
5) Led Zeppelin IV
6) Oasis - What's The Story Morning Glory
7) Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain
8) Whitesnake 1987
9) AC/DC Live
10) Metallica - Live **** Binge & Purge
Excellent. Hope you found the exercise constructive!


Fun exercise.

1+2. Scorpions - Blackout and Love at First Sting - at least in that a lot of the Scorps main riffs were easy to learn and the first songs I learned were No One Like You and Rock You Like a Hurricane, in that order.
3+4. Van Halen - VH1 and 1984 - next step in learning was tapping.
5. Steeler (Yngwie) - next step in learning was sweeping. Marching Out was also influential, but I listened to Steeler much more, especially for the Hot on Your Heels intro solo. Also, worked a lot on scales and alternate picking thanks to Yngwie.
6. Dokken - Tooth and Nail - I hear a lot of Lynch in my playing today. A lot was influenced by the In My Dreams solo, but Tooth and Nail had more songs that were influential.
7. Racer X - Second Heat - More sweeping. Influenced a lot by the Shrapnel Records artists. Not that I can shred at their level, but at least can sweep pretty well.
8. Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast - Favorite album is Powerslave, but learned more songs off of NOTB.
9. Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz - Don't kill me, but I'm not a huge Rhoads fan. Loved the songs, but Rhoads always seemed a bit clinical to me, which is odd because a lot of the shred albums I like can be labeled the same way. That being said, I did (attempt to) learn a bunch of Blizzard and can hear it in my playing today.
10. Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien - Don't kill me again, as I'm already dead from the first killing over Rhoads, but I also felt Satch was a bit clinical. That being said, I still liked a lot of his technique, did (attempt to) learn riffs off of Surfing, and can hear it in my playing today.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


(1) Live Cream (Sweet Wine. Such a great extended jam)
(2) Live Cream, Vol. II (Tough to find a ballsier tone than Clapton's on Politician. That song caused me to start playing the guitar)
(3) Fresh Cream (Do yourself a favor and listen carefully to Jack Bruce's awesome playing throughout, but especially on I'm So Glad)
(4) Disraeli Gears (SWLABR a low-key classic)
(5) Mountain, Leslie West (Stellar early effort by The Great Fatsby)
(6) Climbing!, Mountain (Lots of great songs, with hidden gems like Sittin' on a Rainbow and Silver Paper.
(7) Flowers of Evil, Mountain (Dream Sequence!)
(8) Blues at Sunrise, Albert King (Superb start to finish. Probably his best live offering)
(9) Let it Bleed, Rolling Stones (Perfect studio album with great songs, and a great feel from start to finish. And because Mick Taylor, whose playing is featured more on the companion live album Get Yer Ya Yas Out)
(10) Machine Head, Deep Purple (Great phrasing by Ritchie Blackmore throughout. Lazy, Smoke on the Water, and his solos on Maybe I'm a Leo are highlights)
The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
R.E.M. - Document
The Beatles - Revolver
The Beatles - Abbey Road
The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main st
Ride - Nowhere
Grant Green - Live at The Lighthouse
Muddy Waters - Greatest Hits
Muddy Waters- Folk Singer
Muddy Waters - Electric Mud

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