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List your "Keepers"!


Gold Supporting Member
Which ones would you never, ever, ever sell? Like REALLY, never?

The only two I can say that about are my 1992 Gibson Les Paul Studio (my 15th birthday present from my dad) which made it through all of my high school garage bands. And my 2006 Gibson Songwriter Deluxe acoustic which was a 30th birthday present to myself (with my wife's encouragement!).

The other guitars I currently have are potential keepers, but they need some recording sessions and gigs under their belt to be sure. The other two guitars in the pic are LONG gone.


Page LP... very personal reasons AND an excellent guitar

'57 R.I custom was my 40th present from my better half and boys

Wayne T type it's not a Tele nor is it a strat BUT it is awesome (and it is a one of a kind made for Dave Kilminster)

and my Yamaha CPX15EA which was my 39th birthday present!


Silver Supporting Member
Keepers.... is there really ever such a thing as a keeper on the Gear Page?

Here's the ones I can't see selling anytime soon:

1960 Gibson Melody Maker
1965 Fender Princeton Reverb
1996 Fender "Cunetto" Relic NoCaster
2001 Budda Superdrive 30
2002 Fender '56 Relic Strat


i have not techincally had a tue "keeper" as I have sold my long time guitars eventually, but I'm VERY happy with my R7 (#1) and so far the RW strat is getting a lot of play.

Well, actually, my acoustic is a keeper! Was made for me by my bass players Dad, have had it 13 years now. Love it,, and could never sell it.

Flyin' Brian

Silver Supporting Member
My ratty old Strat that's been broken, fixed and modified a zillion times. And my Victoria Regal.

billy budapest

Silver Supporting Member
So far, it's these:

1981 Ibanez AS 200:

MIJ Epiphone Casino

Mid 90s Fernandes Telecaster:

And now, my latest flame - a 1975 Ibanez 2653S SG cpy:

These are never going anywhere!


Went fishing in a strip mine lake in Louisiana once and gathered 2 coolers full of slab 2lber crappie! The tone was not so good but man were they tasty!


The only true "keeper" I have (one I would not sell for any earthly price) is the one I bought brand new in 1979 and have used ever since: my Ibanez Musician MC400NT. The rest of the guitars I have range from ones I "never intend to sell" to ones I would sell tomorrow at the right price. Of the ones I don't intend to sell, there are a few that I absolutely love:

Ibanez Rocket Roll Sr. (Korina-style V)
Ibanez 2630 (335-style semihollow)
Greco EG-450 (set neck LP)
Ibanez 2351AV "Fancy" (bolt neck LP w/ bling bling upgrades)

See them all at the link in my sig.


i have too many keepers,
kenneth lawrence custom built explorer
gibson custom shop boneyard
gibson custom shop zakk wylde bullseye
gibson custom shop camo zakk bulleye
gibson custom shop slash relic signed by slash
gibson 2004 R9 in stanley burst color
esp kh3
esp jh2
esp jh3
esp kh20

i have a few others that i have no intention on ever selling unless somebody offers me alot of cash and theres something out there that i just cant live without.
then i would think about selling my
prs tremonti tribal
esp custom shop eclipse
esp custom ordered urban camo dv8

then i have a few other guitars that im very happy with but would sell them before any of the other guitars listed.


Too many keepers too but let me think at the top of my list...

R8 2001 les paul authentic
R8 2001 les paul
PRS mcsoapy standard in cherry
EBMM Steve morse
Parker fly deluxe (green)
Taylor Galery Series Sea Turtle
Taylor 914CE L1 2003
Fender strat 1983 '57RI
Fender 2007 commemorative '57RI
1981 Les Paul custom
Charvel model 5 1986....

Man so many more...

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