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LIVE GIG APPS: Bias Through Tablet & Decent Foot Control ?


Curious before I go into Helix or ax8 territory.
I'm particularly interested in the bias FX package in that it has amps and effects
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Joe Kuo

It all depends on each own's preference: some would hate to click here and there on the iPad and much prefer a hardware floor unit, while some would swear by using iPad running apps, such as ToneStack, Amplitude or BIAS.

If you want to try iPad running BIAS FX, make sure you have a solid stand holder. You get some options here: https://www.sweetwater.com/c1067--iPad_iPhone_Stands_and_Holders

The most critical thing, however, is latency - audio latency and MIDI latency (with MIDI pedal). If you use Bluetooth foot controller, there is always Bluetooth's latency introduced to the whole path. So whenever you use Bluetooth setup, bear in mind that Bluetooth latency, plus iPad's, may make operations slightly slower than one expects. I, for example, would use Bluetooth MIDI at home and use lightning MIDI device (IK's MIDI 2) with my FCB1010 on stage for the shortest possible MIDI latency.

By the way, we are testing on various iPad model's latency using some major brands' interfaces, we'll publish the results on our help center very soon for our customers' reference.
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