Live piezzo-copressor setup in Mainstage


I have L.R. Baggs Anthem pickup on my nylon quitar.
For recording and live setup I try to optimize spiky piezzo sound:

Another particularly good use for compressors is taming some of that nasty piezo sound. With your compressor's attack and release times set almost to their fastest, and with a more aggressive ratio, the compressor will act to reduce the level of string attack relative to the guitar's sustain. When setting the compressor up, keep your eyes on the gain-reduction meter: when you see it briefly bouncing between 0dB and 3dB or so, and then only when the guitarist is strumming or picking, you should have it set about right, and the guitar will sound considerably smoother and less spiky.

I am not ready to handle in Mainstage Compressor setting.
Some help and ideas?

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