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  1. chuenx

    chuenx Member

    Apr 17, 2007
    I am planning to buy this pedal few days before
    but now I am thinking whether Should I buy the Flying Dragon boost~
    after I sae the review from harmony central

    there are two extreme reviews~really don't know who are saying something correct as I can't try the pedals by myself

    is there any other good boost pedals that can boost my volume only when solo but didn't color the tone?

    thanks x 9999999~~
  2. Dandy13

    Dandy13 Member

    Oct 20, 2007
    I didn’t check the link but I recently had the Flying Dragon for a week as part of a tour box. I’ve been meaning to post a review so I might as well do it in this thread.
    My initial reaction after trying the pedal was, Wow, it really does do a clean boost with absolutely no change in tone. That doesn’t sound like much of a feat but if you’ve tried a number of boost pedals you know that they almost always add or take away some high end, low end, or the bass gets “flubby”, noise, etc. This pedal is EXACTLY as advertised “your tone but more” – no change or coloration.
    I had a Bad Bob boost for a while and it’s a good pedal but it added some high end and didn't have much headroom compared to the dragon. Running into a clean amp the flying dragon has plenty of head room. (Note: I use primarily Fender single coil guitars as well as a casino with p 90’s) I’m using a Klon now and i really consider that an overdrive with a lot of volume on tap rather than a boost.
    The dragon has plenty of boost available, i didn't go past about 2:30 on the control cause i was really starting to irritate my band mates with the volume. it worked great for boosting solos or augmenting single note lines and riffs. after a while i settled on a sweet spot around 11 o'clock and left it on the rest of the night as it seemed to add a nice presence.
    The dragon played well with both of my amps (AC30 tbx and ’71 princeton) as well as the guitars I mentioned above. The dragon stacked well with my various od’s and fuzz’s. It sounded great running my dirt pedals into the dragon at high volume and gain and turning the volume knob down on the dragon to keep the amp at unity volume. This trick turned my hotcake into a nasty sounding fuzz which was pretty fun.
    Overall my favorite place for the dragon was at the very end of my pedal chain. I like using it as a master volume control for my whole rig. Most of the time I had it always on and set for a slight boost where it provided a little bit of presence and beefed my signal back up a bit after going through my pedal chain (usually around 8 pedals give or take a couple)
    The only negatives are #1 No battery compartment. And #2 For me personally in my current situation, it’s a little pricey at $179.00 new. That said, I don’t at all feel that it’s overpriced as a Super Hard On for example will run you more than that. Also if you check the manufacturer’s emporium it seems like he is always running specials on blem units etc. I will have one eventually.

    If you want a pedal that gives you a clean volume boost with no change in tone than this is it. If you have any questions at all get in touch with Steve at Lizard Leg. In my limited dealings with him I can tell you he loves to talk gear and pretty much anything else. I’m positive he’d be happy to answer any questions. Super, super nice guy. If nothing else, get on the list for the tour box and try it yourself.

  3. chuenx

    chuenx Member

    Apr 17, 2007
    You really giving a great review~~
    help me a lot!!^^
  4. ruger9

    ruger9 Supporting Member

    Jan 2, 2006
    New Jersey
    The Dragon is a very nuetral boost. I haven't been through a ton of clean boosts, but I have gone thru:

    RC Booster
    Radial PB-1 (Power Booster/Buffer)

    ...and the Lizard Leg Dragon, as well as the Radial, were the least "coloring" of the bunch. The Fulltones & RC both added their own EQ to the mix, and even tho those pedals have EQs, they were still not as nuetral as the Dragon.

    If you're looking to use the clean boost to boost solos, the Dragon would be an excellent choice. I've heard of people putting clean boosts in their fx loops, rather than in front of the amp, for this purpose.
  5. Lizard Leg

    Lizard Leg Member

    Sep 26, 2007
    Baton Rouge / New Orleans, LA
    Thanks for the responses guys, and I have to admit the HC review really chapped my :moon. I've spoken with almost every person to try the 'Dragon, and as far as I know the HC poster has never played one, or even cared to check into the pedal at all before posting.

    I tried not to let it get to me, but the day I was emailed about the post, I was steamed. This isn't a game to me. To clear up some of the points he made about the 'Dragon:

    The 'Dragon is not a clone of the Micro Amp or any other circuit.
    The 'Dragon is not op-amp based, like the MXR is.

    Instead of just words coming from me, I have demo's and a tourbox running, so I'll let the 'Dragon speak for itself.

    Chuenx, as well as anyone else interested, if you want to get a demo to try out to see what you think, with your rig, shoot me an email. It may take me a few weeks to get one out to you as my list is pretty loaded up right now, but as soon as I can, I'll get one in your hands and you can make your own decisions.
  6. DaveG

    DaveG Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 1, 2005
    High Desert, SoCal
    I also got in on the Flying Dragon Tourbox, and ordered one as soon as I sent the demo pedal on. Like Dandy13 said, the fact that it provides an absolutely clean boost is a major plus. I've also used a Bad Bob, and while it is a great boost, I don't like the way it changes the "gain flavor" of the other OD pedals it's stacked with; it doesn't stay clean, and it tends to smooth the other pedals' gain out too much. That's not a problem with the Fling Dragon. I'm already planning on buying another one for my larger board...

    As far as the negs, room for a battery would be nice, and I'm sure Steve will figure out how to squeeze one in fairly soon. And while it is slightly higher in price than some boosts, it's less expensive than quite a few others; plus, the customer service & build quality you get from Steve is far above what you get from most other builders. In that regard, it's a bargain! :AOK
  7. Sniper-V

    Sniper-V Member

    Aug 30, 2005
    San Antonio, Tx
    Steve is a top notch guy and great to deal with from personal experience. He tries to get to know everyone that buys his product to make sure we as a customer are happy with the product. I know this first hand and he has gone above and beyond. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family. Love the new website and growing line of products!

    Now about the pedal...

    The Flying Dragon is a great pedal and does as advertised. Price-wise, it's very fair and actually if you compare to other pedals that we talk about on TGP, its more than reasonable.

    They pedal is just your tone but more. Great for that volume push for solos, boosting the front end, and stacking with other pedals. Actually, it can also be a "less" pedal if you want because it can act as a volume cut, which is a nice and handy hidden feature that I totally dug when playing late at night where I needed to be quite.


    I feel that this pedal is so transparent and so natural that if you don't like the pedal, its really hard to put the blame on solely the pedal. Its bassically your tone but louder. If you don't like it you essentially don't like your original unaffected tone.

    Now, I can understand that maybe you won't like the outcome of the pedal and were your boosted tone could benefit from a pedal that pushes with a slight enhancement. For example, a booster that enhances high end frequencies to add a sparkle ala Zvex SHO.
  8. strings2wood

    strings2wood Supporting Member

    Dec 21, 2006
    Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Chuenx:

    My review was posted before that one. I'll stand by every word stated.

    Steve and Brandi are a class act and my Flying Dragon is a keeper.

    Many others on TGP agree with my ears and opinion.

    I didn't and wouldn't hesitate on The Fying Dragon.

    I first bought a Creation Audio Labs Mk 4:23 based on a review I think by Idlewilde. ( I actually bought it from him).

    Later I read he had switched to the Flying Dragon and I followed his lead.

    He didn't steer me wrong with his ears or opinion.

    You won't be disappointed it is what it says. "Your tone, only more!!!"

    It's a sweet pedal and Steve really looks after you before, during and

    after enquiring and buying.:banana:RoCkIn:banana
  9. Rollo Timbre

    Rollo Timbre Member

    May 6, 2005
    Kirkwood, IL
    Agreed. The Flying Dragon has a natural dynamic openess that I haven't found in other clean boosts. The quality is very apparent.
  10. Idlewilde

    Idlewilde Member

    Sep 16, 2003
    Maryland, USA
    I totally agree with Rollo. It's a work of genius. I put it up there with the Klon Centaur.
  11. Londoncalling

    Londoncalling Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    The flying Dragon is a GREAT clean boost. The service was outstanding as well. If you are looking for a "neutral" boost this is a good box to check out.
  12. teleblaster

    teleblaster Member

    Nov 18, 2005
    Me too! The dragon does what steve says. Your amp but more. Adds nothing but what you already have. No noise, top notch parts. I would highly recomend this boost. Steve is a cool guy too!
  13. Stratclaw

    Stratclaw Member

    Sep 13, 2004
    So. Cali Desert
    I'll echo all the positive sentiments listed already. I've really gotten to appreciate the F. Lizard over time. It's a subtle beast, but oh so nicely subtle. It's great on gigs where volume is an issue, nudge it around 11 o'clock, gives you exactly what you need without turning heads. And when volume ISN't an issue, it'll take that geat tone you've dialed in and push it exactly where you need it to cut through the mix. Highly recommended.
    Oh, and I've never had the experience of having the builder of a pedal call me four months after I bought the pedal to ask me how I'm liking the pedal, and if there was a problem, could he help solve it. That's what Steve did, awesome customer service.
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