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Loaded Strat Guard (Custom Shop Abby 69's)

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I bought this off Amazon recently. The pics are of the actual pick guard for sale. I'll take $150 Shipped. Here is the original ad info:

"Up for sale is a brand new Mint Green pre-wired pickguard with a set of 3 genuine Fender Custom Shop '69 pickups initialed, and dated by Abby ( Abigail Ybarra). If you know it, Abby has been working at Fender Custom Shop and has hand wired pickups for numerous great guitar players since the 60s including Jimi Hendrix himself This is the regular 11 hole version. Everything coming with the pickguard is brand new genuine Fender parts. Brand new Fender 60s style 5 way toggle switch --Brand new Fender CTS pots (top quality, if you know them) --Brand new Fender/Switchcraft output jack (wired with two wire leads for easy installation, see picture) --The same American-made top quality cotton wrapped (shielded) wires used in Fender Custom Shop (Double-cloth jacket has a waxed cotton outer braid and a Celanese inner braid just like Leo used). --High quality no lead soldering tin free from oxidation (the same used on high end stereo system) --Brand new Fender pickguard with matching pickup covers and knobs."

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