Sold Loaded Strat Tortoise Pickguard w/Fire Sound 54 pups

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    This is a loaded tortoise pickguard (11 hole, good for a MIM Strat) that I just pulled from a partscaster I'm redoing. I don't recall where I got the guard actually (or who made it), but I bought it originally because it's got a fairly dark pattern with nice color and flamey stuff in it.

    The pickups are Fire Sound 54s, which have AlNiCo 5 magnets, Formvar wire, DCR readings for bridge and middle at 5.8k, and a slightly hotter bridge at 6.1k. These were wound back in 2007, and I'm pretty sure the winder, J. Diaz, stopped making pickups a while back, so you don't see or hear about these much.

    Anyway, they are a well-made, handwound vintage set (no RWRP middle) that are as good as any boutique stuff out there sound-wise. And tho my wiring is not exactly the prettiest to look at (;)), everything works as it should. The only known "issues" (not really problems, but just so you know) are:
    • The previous owner of these pickups trimmed the ground leads on the bridge and middle pups too short, so they've got a shared extension (w/electrical tape) that I added to wire them up when I got them (don't have the shrink wrap to make it neat)
    • The 5-way switch has a much smoother switch operation than typical - in other words, the notches between positions are not near as prominent, so it's a bit easier to knock the switch into another position while strumming sometimes
    • The pots are a hodge-podge of good working pots scavenged from other builds at the time (not sure of brands due to solder, but the tone pots have flat bottoms, longer posts, and the volume looks like typical Fender MIM)
    • Obviously the plastics don't all match, but the knobs and tip are easy enough to change!
    Here's some pics:






    Thanks for looking!
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