Local Bands/Artist - Who are your fav's?


I am always open and interested in hearing new music, and always put in the time and attention required to make a fully formed opinion on what I am listening to. I am keen to hear some of your suggestions.

The name of the game is to list 5 bands/artists within your town, city, state or country who you dig, that may or may not have mass recognition.

List 3 songs (and links to listen/watch) that you feel is their best work, and where they hail from. Suggested stand-out Albums/EP's would be handy also.

They should be bands/artists who you are proud to call musical ambassadors for your region.

No need to mention genre if you don’t want to, as that can be restrictive at times… maybe just a line to sum up your opinion.

Here are my contributions…

Josh Pyke – Sydney, Australia.
Brilliant singer/songwriter.

Middle of the Hill:
Memories and Dust:
Fill You In:

Suggested albums: Feeding the Wolves, Memories and Dust

Sarah Blasko – Sydney, Australia.
Once again, brilliant singer/songwriter.

All I Want:
Bird On a Wire:
Don’t U Eva:

Suggested albums: The Overture & the Underscore, As Day Follows Night

Augie March – Melbourne, Australia.
A timeless band – Glenn Richards is an absolute lyrical genius.

One Crowded Hour:
The Cold Acre:
Penny Whistle:

Suggested albums: Moo You Bloody Choir, Watch Me Disappear

Tame Impala – Perth, Australia.
Making old new again. These guys are the real deal.

Half Glass Full of Wine:
The Serpentine:

Suggested EP: Self Titled (their debut Album is out early 2010, can’t wait!)

Red Riders – Sydney, Australia.
Beautifully crafted guitar driven Indie Rock.

My Love is Stronger than Your Love:
Slide In Next to Me:

Suggested Albums: Replica Replica, Drown In Colour


5 huh? Let's see if I can get there.

StraddleDaddy - Middletown, CT. My best friend's band. Original party rock.

Eric Lichter/Dirt Floor Records - Chester, CT. Eric's a really talented guy who's started up this Folk/Americana record label. He records all the artists at his own, very analog, recording studio.

Sunspots - Hartford, CT. My old singer's new band. Indie rock/Americana.

Mighty Purple - New Haven, CT. A mainstay in the New Haven music scene.

The Breakfast - New Haven, CT. One of the better jam bands in the area.


This is too much like a homework assignment.

Yes. I'll just suggest my band (links in sig) and leave it at that.

+1, my sig below.

Thanks for your valued input.

The intention of this thread was to share with the world, bands that you are proud to be associated with through way of living in the same town, city, state or country.

If that is too hard, then there are plenty of other threads to peruse and post inane comments.

If I wanted you to big note your own band, then I would have just called this thread "post links to your own music" with my first post being blank (containing my links to the myspace sites in my sig).

I took the time to post links to bands who are dear to my heart, and have influenced me emotionally and musically. It took about 20 mins. Maybe people don't have that sort of time at their disposal, I don't know. However, I am sure that at least one member of this site appreciates at least one band that I posted, and were happy that I shared this music with them. The expectation was that people would be happy to post info on bands that they love, that have enriched their lives through music.

Maybe I need to lower my expectations of people a fraction.

Marc Roy

There's some great stuff here in Ottawa. A few of my faves:

Bluestone http://www.myspace.com/bluestoneband (good people and some all around talent in that band - love seeing them live)

Loudlove http://www.myspace.com/loudlovecanada (good friends of mine and a hell of a live show)

Wayne Eagles http://wayneeagles.com/ (He's a member here and a hell of a guitarist for those who don't know)

Madcaps http://www.myspace.com/madcapsmontreal (OK, a few hours from being local. but good buddies of mine and a great live show).

JW Jones http://www.jw-jones.com/

I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty. These are the few I could come up with off the top of my head.


Seattle has a killer electronic music scene as far as gothic industrial type stuff is concerned. Not your average cookie cutter EMB or Ministry ripoffs.




(my band can be found at http://www.reverbnation.com/TSID)

Local stoner doom/ classic/ buttrock heroes: http://www.myspace.com/witchburn

No longer local, but a killer player none the less: http://www.reverbnation.com/eddegenaro

Also not local, but a surprisingly good band for having a celeb lead singer: http://www.reverbnation.com/ZERO1 (Hal Spark's band)

The Real Tim

I just too happy to tell people about the best bands from this area. All of these bands are from Dayton, OH and the surrounding area. They run the gamut from having "made it" to being local staples to being relatively unknown. I hope you enjoy

The Motel Beds http://www.myspace.com/themotelbeds

Everything they do is top-notch, but I am partial to their self-titled EP. It's a crime that they aren't more widely recognized. Their music is all free to download on Fictionband Mechanics

Samplers from their upcoming album

The Smug Brothers http://www.myspace.com/thesmugbrothers

They're another band on the Fictionband Mechinics website. Their full length album Buzzmounter is in constant rotation on my iPod. It's also free to download. And Don Thrasher from Guided by Voices is in the band.

The only two videos I could find

Okay Lindon http://www.myspace.com/okaylindon

Just straightforward indie pop rock. No gimmicks. Just great tunes. Their full length Everything in Moderation is another oft-spun record. It is not free, but worth every penny.

I couldn't find any videos, but their myspace has lots of high quality jams.

Swearing at Motorists

Not sure if they're considered "local" anymore since they are on the Secretly Canadian label and are based in Philadelphia and Berlin, Germany, but they are from Dayton originally. "Flying Pizza" is their most recognizable tune. It's the first link below. Last Night Becomes This Morning is my favorite album of theirs. Side note: according to Wikipedia, "Frontman Dave Doughman has challenged The White Stripes to a contest of who can put on a better show and rock harder, but has been turned down"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4tm6UVZ1no <---if you only watch one video from this band, watch this one

Wes Tirey http://www.myspace.com/westirey

A folk purist that writes and plays killer tunes, and is a super cool guy to boot. If you dig Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits, you will enjoy his music. "Kentucky Blood" on his MySpace is one of my favorite songs of his. To my knowledge, he doesn't have any music for sale (unfortunately).


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