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I posted this on another thread, but thought it might be useful, so here are my suggestions for installing Logic 8/Logic Pro Studio:

I've been using Logic 8 on a dual 2GHz G5 tower with Leopard, and here are my suggestions for the fewest problems:

1. Install a Clean System.

Back up your files, then re-install a clean system. Update your system to the latest versions before installing anything else.

I originally installed Leopard over Tiger, and didn't do this. I had a few little glitches, and felt I'd have fewer problems with a clean install. Not only do I have fewer problems, I also reclaimed 15 Gigs of disk space!

2. Apple has released several updates to the Logic Studio package. Some of these must be installed before others (specifically the Pro Applications Updates 1 and 2 must be installed before the latest Compressor and Soundtrack updates). There is a better way to do this than to use Software Update:

The "Software Update" feature on the Mac will download the updates, BUT I experienced problems with the Pro Applications updates - the Software Update feature on my computer couldn't load them, but loaded the Compressor and Soundtrack updates anyway. A call to Apple confirmed that there might be a problem with this, and they told me to use the download page for Logic on the Apple website.

So I did a second clean reinstall of the system, then reinstalled Logic and downloaded all the updates from the Apple website's Logic downloads page as packages. There were no problems installing the Pro Applications updates in the correct order doing it this way.

As a result, my Logic system is rock-solid, no problems whatsoever.

But reinstalling a second time was an utter pain in the rear. So take my advice, and do it this way if you're updating.

3. Plugin Authorization Issues.

The LinPlug synths, can't be properly authorized on Logic 8 yet. There may or may not be others. Solution:

There is a little program called Rax that you can download to try, and you can authorize your plugins on Rax, from audiofile-engineering.com. I didn't need Rax, so I deleted it from my hard drive after authorizing the plugs and didn't buy it, but it's not a bad little program if you need what it does!

I have about 30 other plugs that I use with Logic, both soft synths and effects processors, and everything works perfectly now. No problems, no crashes.

4. In Use.

People have complained about using Logic on a G5 system with Leopard. But there are some things you can do to have it running smoothly. First, turn off features/applications you don't need for music creation - you can turn them back on when Logic isn't running.

I save significant processing power by turning off Spaces, which hogs a bit of processor power, and freed up RAM, too. I run my processor at "highest" power which you can set in System Preferences energy saver choices.

I don't run any non-Apple add-ons like Dock helper apps, etc., and I turn off Dock magnification, animation, etc.

Finally, I run LOTS of soft synths and soft samplers. I've created templates, but I don't use everything in them on every project. You can "turn off" the software you're not using by option-clicking the synth's button in the inspector window. Freezing tracks is faster than in any other app I've used - great feature.

More cool stuff:

You can link soft synths to open the synths and plugs you're using when you select a track, and to hide the other ones. What a clutter-reducer. Along with using the "v" to hide/open the plugin windows (also brilliant), this is a great workflow helper.

The command keys make the workflow much better as well. I printed out the ones I use most, and made a card I slide under the keyboard so it's handy for reference.

I hope all this helps!


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Thanks for the input. I still have to run Tiger as the Tascam DM3200's Firewire card to run Logic still doesn't support Leopard.

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