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so I have a goldtone 6 string lapsteel that's cool, but the pickup leaves me wanting a few things.

I've looked around, and the Lollar Supro model looks exactly what I'm looking for based on the description (Humbucker, clear sounding, etc...)

Has anyone here installed this pickup on a goldtone? Is any routing needed/involved??



i can't address what you'll need to do <specifically> to your Gold Tone to accommodate that pup. that said, w/ those old string-thru Valco pups (and Lollar i assume), there's usually no routing involved as they're top mounted. string alignment w/ pole pieces is really important so you'll want to pay attention there. pretty sure there's a video on the Lollar sight that talks about installing ...

also pretty sure that pup is around 250.00?

for that money, or very close to it, <i would> just pickup an old Valco made lap that'll have the string thru pup in it already. there's a chance one of the two magnets'll be wooden! Jason will sell you a brand new set of magnets.

my dealings w/ Jason have been, across the board, SUPER positive. he's just so helpful in every way ... this besides making great pups!

good luck,

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