Sold Lone Wolf Kamikazie TS808 Clone


For sale is a Lone Wolf Audio Kamikazie Overdrive. According to the manufacturer's website, it's "Lone Wolf's hi-fi take on a classic 808 based curcuit, but modded and upgraded for more tonal options." Joe Anastasio, the builder, clarified to me in an email that it has "2 voicing toggles and a 2nd footswitch with a boost control for leads." These were only offered by Lone Wolf for a limited time in 2015 and are no longer available new.

I ordered it in May of 2015 but due to wait times only received it last week. During the wait, I acquired a used Ibanez TS808, so I have no need for this one. I literally only checked this one to make sure it worked ok and now I'm putting it up for sale.

The build quality of the circuit is top-notch as you can see. The screen printing isn't very good at all, and the way you see in the pictures is how it looked new out of the box, but that's only a cosmetic issue that doesn't affect the pedal's functionality.

These were $135 USD + shipping + very long wait time when originally offered by Lone Wolf. I'm asking $100 USD shipped.


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