Lonestar 100/50 W question and intro


I am looking at a Lonestar that has 100/50 W (is it called the Classic version?). Are there any mods to get it to a lower wattage? Can you pull tubes to do this?

Also, I think I have seen 3 types of Lonestars: The 110/50W, 100/50/10 and the 30/15/5 (LSS). besides the power what are the differences? Are any of these more reliable than the others? Any have a design flaw?

General comments on these amps are appreciated.



I had a Classic 50/100 and thought it was one of the best Fender Twin type amps out there. I sold my TRRI after getting the LSC. Plenty of variety with the drive channel for dirt. To me the LSC was a Twin and a high powered BFDR in one cab.

I had a Special too. More Voxy with some BFDR in there. Probably one of my favorite amps over the years. Lots of knobs, but once you get past the learning curve, you have one awesome amp. I left the stock tubes in but swapped in a Wizard which was brighter to me. Nice change.

My buddy bought my LSS last month, he had to have it. I will get trade for another LSS someday. It's one of the best thought amps I have played.

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